Best Fest’d: Coachella Packing List

April 2nd, 2014 | By | 1 Comment

Pack it up, pack it in…
The Bikini Truck is back on the road and headed for Coachella! What’s at the top of the festival packing list this year? Read on to see what made the cut… (more…)

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Music Fest Prep | Part Three

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We’re gearing up for Spring festivals with our top outfits of the season.
Check out outfits #1 and #2
Read on for Leah’s final fest pick…

AMBSN Spring Sloshball Tournament 2014

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The Odbert brothers are co-founders of AMBSN clothing, SWELL’s favorite California-made lifestyle brand. Dustin and Dylan faced off against each other in a keg-fueled game of Sloshball in the San Clemente sunshine and we joined the mayhem to share the wonderful world of Sloshball.

Sloshball Rules

- Players must have a drink in hand at all times. This means one handed catches in the field
- Failure to have drink in hand results in keg stand and an out
- Players cannot advance past second base before drinking an entire beer
- Batters must interchange the lineup guy-girl
- Up to 5 offensive players are allowed to remain on second base at a time
- All disputed calls are settled by a chug off
- If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying

Photo Tip: Kelsey Finn

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Photo Tip of the Week from photo contributor, Kelsey Finn…
As with taking photos on land, if you are shooting with natural light and want your subject lit well and not as a silhouette, make sure the sun is behind you! But, if the sun is not at a lower angle closer to the horizon, ask your model to look up to the surface to have the sun light up their face!

Bikini: Acacia Swim
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