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 New Rvca tees

Those crazy kids from Rvca never seem to slow down. No wonder our customers chose them as their favorite brand. Which is why Swell is always the first to have Rvca’s latest and greatest in stock. But we wonder how many of you know the real Rvca story? Equal parts Cinderfella and the America dream, it all started with designer PM Tenore’s vision to create a design-driven (i.e. cool art and graphics) skate/street brand. The first t-shirts were sold exclusively in boutique skate shops. But then PM’s childhood friend and pro surfer Conan Hayes stepped in, and brought his own unique and opposing style–hence the brand’s slogan: The Balance Of Opposites. Rounding out the posse was skater / artist Ed Templeton, whose art was prominently featured in PM’s skate shop ten years earlier. Ed can be credited for Rvca’s pioneering use of artists showcasing their works to help raise awareness and benefit the community. And there you have it. No fat guys in suits, no slick marketing gimmicks, just creative minds coming together for the common good-looking.

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 Swell Fall Sale

So big, it’s double overhead. So heavy, it’s dropping bombs. So dope, everybody wants in. From hoodies to wetsuits to bags to shoes, we’ve marked down nearly every style from your favorite brands. If today were Halloween, we’d be the cool house giving out king size Butterfingers.


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You may never have his talent, his money or his fame, but you can rock the s–t out of his board. We’re giving away one of AI’s contest boards and a slew of Billabong’s Pipe Masters merchandise to a lucky soul who’s life will be forever changed. This stick is magic — at least that’s what she said.


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Swell/ SCHS Surf Team flagSCHS Surf Team members  

With the intention of showing our psych for the groms like team mom’s donut selection does oh so well, Swell kicked down some extra support for our locs on San Clemente High’s surf team this morning as they faced Newport High. Along with the high shredability of the San Clemente waves came a fresh new flag and stank-less competition jerseys. Just another way for the team to one-up the competition before knocking ’em out of the water with thier surfing steeze.Defeat came short and swift as San Clemente took down Newport at SCHS’s home break. We’re not just fair weather fans, but it seems like the pairing of San Clemente’s best surf shop and the local talent of SCHS surf team may have given San Clemente the exclusive use of the phrase “everybody (in San Clemente) is a winner”. 

For more pics of San Clemente High’s surf team go to our flickr page