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As the debut for our new column, In The Lineup / Washed Up, we traveled to Bakersfield, CA, the epicenter of fashion and fabulousness to ask area hipsters about this season’s freshest styles. Nicole, a junior at Ridgeview High, gave us a rundown on the trends she’d be wearing this fall–and the loser looks that would cause social suicide. What do you say? We want to know.


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lisa lazano lisa lazano lisa lazano

Do you know the L-No? Chances are you’ve seen her teenie bikinis in the pages of Vogue, Victoria’s Secret, and Sport Illustrated. But now you can finally call one of her famous suits your own. Still skimpy, but now a bit more surfy, Lisa Lazano’s 2008 line is all about the tease. Featuring a contrasting mix of polka dots, ruffles, stripes and belts, these bathing beauties are the fastest way to get that lifeguard’s attention–unless you want to fake a thigh cramp that is.


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hilary duff zag0302sol_re_dt.jpg rachel.gif

Who knew clowns, magicians and Nanna had so much style? Colorful scarves in vibrant patterns and prints have come away as the do-or-die accessory for summer. And trend reports claim there’s no slowing them down for fall either. Could the neckerchief go the way of mainstay as did leggings and flats? Signs point to yes! And TG for that because there’s no better means to draw attention up and away from those awful tan lines gladiator sandals are causing. Click here to see the scarves our customers are clammering for.


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ted grambeau

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Born the son of a legendary Australian football coach in the late 1950s, Ted Grambeau’s expected destiny was to become a brilliant footballer himself. But thanks to a self-described “lazy” attitude and a fortuitous injury, Ted eagerly sought out his other interest in surf photography. His early subjects were his mates at their local breaks in Wonthaggi and Foster, back then small country towns in Victoria. While a career as a professional surf photographer was almost unheard of at the time, Ted was nonetheless inspired from his friends letters from exhilarating and exotic locations where “…sticks are 15 cents and as thick as your arm.” First starting off in a prestigious Melborne studio under Brian Brandt, the travel bug got the best of Ted as he was soon off to Bali, Africa, Afghanistan and Tahiti. And it’s this desire to journey far out of bounds and to navigate through difficult, even dangerous, situations that has allowed him to be the first choice in travel editorials. (more…)