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My earliest memory of the Penguin icon was watching a rerun of Bob Hope playing in a celebrity golf tournament . This must have been around 1980 and while I had no clue who this stylish man of leisure was, I was ridiculously impressed that my dad had the exact same yellow polo Mr. Hope was wearing. Founded in 1955 as Munsingwear, an underwear and military supply company, they introduced the first iconic golf shirt to America. The Penguin logo itself has an interesting story of origin. One day, a Munsingwear’s salesmen spotted a flock of penguins in the window of a New York taxidermist and on what seems like a lark, bought one of the stuffed birds. Before long, “Pete” the penguin became the official mascot. In 2003, an Penguin was recreated by style makers who evolved the legend to include a full line of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. We really dig their sunglasses, and know you will too.

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If you’ve noticed the air around Carlsbad has been easier to breathe lately, you can thank Taylor Knox. Homeboy recently had the crew at Grease Not Gas convert the diesel engine on his 2008 F250 to one that runs completely on vegetable oil. At a price of around $3,700, Taylor’s new 37-gallon tank can make a run up to Maverick’s and back with a little juice left over. As well, filling up has also gone from a hassle to pure pleasure, as local breakie hot spot Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside lets him chow down on home fries while the day’s grease is transfered to his ride, for free.


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Timing is everything. Time marches on. Making great time. We could go on, but we want to keep our job. In any case, Rip Curl is enjoying their moment in time (sorry) as their best selling Ultimate Oceansearch watch is being featured on the wrist of Matthew McConaughey in the ad for his latest film “Fool’s Gold.” The poster can currently be seen on Page 9 of this week’s issue of People Magazine, and on the bedroom walls of Eighth Grade girls across the nation.


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Because we all could use a little more culture in our lives, The Surf Gallery will be hosting an artists reception this Friday from 6pm to 10 pm for their latest exhibition, New Emmissions in Sight and Sound, presented by Globe. The collection includes new photo works from Scott Soens, Dustin Humphrey, DJ Struntz, Wolfgang Bloch, Andrew Kidman, Patrick Trefz, Joe Curren, Thor Jonnson, John Rinek, Adam Warmington, Jason Murray, and Clark Little.