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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than You Tube, along comes Shred or Die, the world’s first video sharing site dedicated exclusively to all things action sports. A collaboration between the Or Die Networks (creators of Funny Or Die) and Tony Hawk’s THI/900 films, Shred is a one-stop shop for thrills, chills and bloody carnage (just do a search for Bucky Has A Baby to see what we mean.) Viewers are encouraged to leave comments as well as vote, with the hope that this ratings system will weed out any crap; i.e. don’t send in any clips of your mom. The vid above has been getting more eyeballs than a female guard at San Quentin.

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Still bumming over getting shut-down at Hef’s last mansion party? Then we suggest you set yourself up as part of Bobby Martinez’ regular entourage because he’s about to become Mr. Hollywood. Participant Productions and State Street Pictures have teamed up to create a biopic on Bobby’s early life in gang-ridden Santa Barbara and eventual rise to the top ranks of the WCT as the tour’s first Mexican-American. Sure, we’re all too familiar with what La-La Land considers a substantial surf flick (we only just stopped laughing over “In God’s Hands” sometime last week), but this project seams to have some serious backers behind it as Participant also produced “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Syriana”. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.


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Heeeeaveeeey. If you haven’t already checked out Nixon’s super duty 51-30 watch, let’s just say it’s larger than life. No joke, Flavor Flav is considering suing for whiplash. And that’s just the sort of thing National Geographic was looking for when they were compiling their Best of Adventure Gear for ’08.

As you would expect, we’ve been all over it since the beginning.


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At long last, Thalia Street Surf Shop on PCH in Laguna Beach reopened its doors last week after months of undergoing re-constructive surgery. And what’s been hiding beneath the veils and speculation is a swan unlike any other. But this transformation had help from local, legendary artists who make a special practice of retooling ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces. (more…)