Swell Artist Series Tees: Koji Toyoda

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If you haven’t yet heard about surf artist Koji Toyoda, you’re far from alone. However you’ve probably already seen his work, as he’s been a major force in the surf art world for the past several seasons. Having earned tremendous notoriety at last year’s international The Happening art, music and film festival, Koji has been deemed “the one to watch” within numerous influential art circles. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Koji began surfing as a young teen and developed a deep fascination with the variety of beach cultures and lifestyles. More recently, Koji has partnered with several surf brands who were eager to feature his clever blend of nostalgic surf whimsy and iconic Japanese imagery into their 2009 campaigns.

As a favorite and regularly featured artist at Laguna Beach’s The Surf Gallery, Swell was quick to see how well his creations would translate to a t-shirt. His two limited edition tees, Jogi Enjoy and Asahi are exclusive only to Swell.

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Rip Curl USA Presents RIP CURRENTS: A Digital Glimpse Into The Rip Curl World

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Costa Mesa, CA (February 11, 2009): In commemoration of Rip Curl’s 40th year as a company, as well as the launch of the Rip Curl Spring 09 product lines, Rip Curl USA is proud to introduce RIP CURRENTS, a digital mag that showcases anything and everything popping with the Rip Curl brand. 

It takes you behind the scenes of the latest campaign, introduces you to the vision behind the girls’ Rip Curl brand, and lets you get to know the brand’s icons like Alana Blanchard and Koa Smith. 

Comprised of 82 digital pages, accessible by any web browser, and complimented by a melodious background track, this no-footprint, eco-friendly mag showcases the Rip Curl brand in its entirety.

To access Volume #1, Issue #1 of RIP CURRENTS, go to ripcurl.com/ripcurrents.

Donavon and His Orange Coat Represent for the Sidewalk Surfer

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Walk in comfort. Check out 27 styles of Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers at Swell.

San Clemente Surf Report From The Dude (2/11)

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A day in the life of The Dudeski,

Good arvo boys and girls. Just wanted to fill everybody in with a few pics of today’s waves and let everybody know how the waves have been lately in the South Orange County area. The Southern California area has had some inclement weather here and there the past week or so, but there have been some pretty magical moments for waves in between. As far as today goes it was kinda midday doo-doo in the T street zone. There were a few chest-high, wind blown crumblers where you could get a few carves off, but other than that there wasn’t much happening out there and the water temp has dropped a fair amount. Although the overall combers were pretty lackluster today Jason “Millertime,” the “Eggman” and I did have some fun due to the fact that it was pretty much only the 3 of us out sharing the sets off of the Cropley’s peak. Yesterday Millertime and I pretty much scored some serious bombs at a secret spot south of T-street. Wedging head-high to overhead peaks. Shhhhhhhh! As far as last weekend went once again Millertime, Brandon Ragu, Nate Yeomans, Drew and I scored some really fun ones in the trestles region. I did a few marathon sessions since the waves were pretty much pumpeen all day with calm winds til dusk. All and all the past week I’ve pretty much had a shit-eatin grin on my face due to the few windows of opportunity I have had to score some fun ones with me mates in between the torrential down pours. I hope all of you boys and girls were able to score a few fun ones as well this past week.

Until next time-