Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

April 2nd, 2009 | By | 1,647 Comments



As if toxic waste, Great Whites and localism weren’t enough to keep you out of the water. Now we’ve got giant sea worms to worry about.

Recently discovered at an aquarium in Cornwall, England, this 4-foot long menace was destroying coral and terrorizing fish before it could be captured and moved to its own tank. Turns out the worm, better known as “Barry”, had arrived at the aquarium as a baby and had gone unnoticed. That is until large coral displays were found bitten in half. Barry was also reported to have eaten entire bait traps–hooks and all–as well as chewed through a 20-pound fish line.

Should you ever meet up with one of Barry’s cousins, resist the urge to tough him. Unless you don’t mind being stung by painful and poisonus bristles that will leave permanent numbness.sea-worm

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Swell Tri-Blend Tees: Making the 3-Pack the New Sixer

April 2nd, 2009 | By | 6,105 Comments


It sounds so basic, we don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier? It’s the 3 pack of Swell tri-blend tees that are flying out the door faster than Superman after a Red Bull vodka binge. It could be the core score-raising, garnish-free aspect of the tees, the cush feel that some have compared to the beard of Zeus, or the fact that buying in three means cutting down on laundry days to make time for more Guitar Hero practice. But whatever it is, we’re placing the Swell 3-Pack Tees at the top of our must have list. We suggest getting a full sixer of the plush tri-blend tees, because who wouldn’t want a bigger package?

SCHS Surf Team Spotlight: Shaw Kobayashi

April 1st, 2009 | By | 5,380 Comments


Quick: What’s “short, funny and frothing”, and currently reigns as the NSSA High School State Champ?

That would be none other than San Clemente High School’s Shaw Kobayashi.

But State Champ is just one of many victories. Shaw has earned in his impressive 10-year competitive career. However, it’s the title of being a top ranking ASP pro surfer that currently has Shaw’s full attention. Which is exactly what his team managers and coaches are positioning him for. (more…)

Beanies and Baselines: Santogold and The Cold War Kids at the Roxy Chicken Jam

March 31st, 2009 | By | 992 Comments


This past Saturday dished out some killer jams and sick shredding at the Roxy Chicken Jam held at Mammoth Mountain. A free Santogold and Cold War Kids concert, combined with a few solid days of riding at Mammoth, topped off with a cush ride in the Spy Optic van, made the trek from San Diego to Mammoth a pretty sweet little journey. 

Although the snow was a little slushy, the free concert at the Village at Mammoth more than made up for its mediocrity. The packed crowd brought a great mountain town dynamic to the outdoor show with a heaping portion of dancing boots, sparklers and Coors heavy. Santogold kicked it up with some stage diving action, her infamous metallic backup dancers, and a sexually ambiguous character in a panda hat. After Santogold hyped up the dance crowd, the Cold War Kids turned up the rock factor with killer energy and heavy keys. It’s safe to say the show’s energy and large crowd size made for pretty sparse slopes the next morning. Not that I was awake to witness this first hand, but I could only imagine. Above is a little taste of the Cold War Kids. Sorry about the video quality; dancing and filming make a poor combination sometimes. 

Check out the event photos after the jump. (more…)