The Man Sweater, AKA “the Cardigan”

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A brief, questionably accurate, but it’d probably fly on Wikipedia, history of what is known as “the man sweater.”


Above: Analog Suburb 2 Cardigan

Ah, the cardigan, or what will henceforth be termed “the man sweater.” Maybe when you think of sweaters, you think kittens, bad holiday gifts, and retirement homes. But you are wrong. You heard it; I said the customer is not always right. Yeah. It’s time to adjust your silly thoughts about sweaters. Ever since before you were born, the cardigan has been plotting its way back up to the top of the man list. Here’s a little history for you naysayers:

The cardigan started scheming its return to bad-assness back in the late 80’s. It was then that Kurt Cobain made the monumental decision that the Seattle weather made him cold, and pullover sweaters were just too much work to take on and off whilst wearing a guitar strap. From that point, he took what cardigan enthusiasts named “the march of pennies” to the nearest Goodwill, where a cardigan was had strategically placed itself closest to the cash register. And boom. The “the man sweater” was born.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you to find a more accurate history of the man sweater. Double dog dare you.

How do you wear it?
Ironically, the man sweater pairs perfectly with man pants. Add your favorite t-shirt (as long as said t-shirt contains no rhinestones, does not contain mock-anything in the description, and is of a the non-lycra, preferably cotton, variety) and you’re ready to rock.

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As Seen In: Complex

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AS SEEN IN: COMPLEX, “Buy It Now: Ezekiel Lindenburg”





“Modern life is all about multifunctionality, yeah? Your phone is a camera, a gaming device, a flashlight, a calendar, a … Anyway, the quest for versatility is why we… with today’s Buy It Now, the Lindenburg Hooded LS Shirt from Cali skate/surf brand Ezekiel.
Is it a button-up? Is it a chambray? Is it a hoodie? Is it a military shirt? Or is it just some fly (and highly affordable) shit that could very well get you laid this weekend? Word to T-Pain and Maino: all the above, whoaaa-ohhh, all the above, whoaaa-ohhh…”

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AS SEEN IN: COMPLEX, “The 16 Best Back to School T-Shirts”



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