Sneaker Sets Hit The Southland

April 23rd, 2009 | By | 4,371 Comments


I woke up this morning to what I thought was someone breaking into my house. Turns out it was my roommate returning home from his drive to work to get his board. As he ran out the door I heard him yell “double overhead at Igor’s.” A few minutes later I was on Surfline, but the forecast claimed only 3 – 4-feet. THEY WERE WRONG! At 6:30 am it was indeed 10 – 12 feet in Carlsbad with no signs of backing off. Although unexpected, this gift is totally appreciated. Perhaps a big thank-you for yesterday’s Earth Day celebration?

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Bag and Tag: Insight Gear for Cougar Hunters

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“So you like guys under 30, that don’t make you dirty?”

It’s not a phrase most guys would sing to their mom, but on TV Land’s hit reality show “The Cougar”, there’s nothing stopping the 20, 20-something-year-old whipper-snapper contestants from singing and dancing their way into the loving paws of the sexy and much older hell cat. Now as nature has proven through the eons, bright colors attract potential mates and that’s why Austin (pictured) will survive amongst the fittest suitors. Austin’s strategy is simple: “wear the brightest and most colors possible to stand out in this jungle.” And what brighter colors to shake your tail feathers in than Insights Pervert Flannel? None.

Diversify your hunting attire with Insight at Swell and bag that prize game in any conditions!

Pictured above (clockwise from top left)

Insight Pervert Flannel (orange)

Insight Pervert Flannel (red)

Insight Framous Boardshort

Insight Zoup Photo Tee

Insight Ransky Walkshort

Hurley’s Walk the Walk Dress

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Whoa, back it up! From Hurley’s second edition of Walk the Walk, Hurley’s high school fashion design walk-off, comes this saucy design that urges others to back down. Designed by Virginia Beach’s Lilly West, this is one maxi that does more than just talk the talk. Hurley’s Walk the Walk (WTW) Dress highlights a unique, show-stopping exposed back, costarring this season’s runway Southwestern print and classic girly pointelle cotton. The first to debut in the Hurley collection, this ultra limited edition dress is long on style, but short on supply, so don’t miss out!

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It’s Earth Day! But How ‘Bout The Rest Of The Year?

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Here at the world’s best online surf shop, we make a point to celebrate Earth Day everyday. Which is why we have the biggest selection of organic and eco-friendly surf clothes ANYWHERE! You reading this Kermit? You’ll be changing your tune once you check out Swell—we make it so easy to be green.