Party Tips from Taj and Stab Mag

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Recent reports from Taj Burrow and fellow aussie Stab Magazine have shown a sufficient amount of empirical evidence to prove that they have discovered the answer to the age-old question, “what makes a party off the hook?”
According to Taj, pro surfer / party aficionado, the answer has been right in front of us….a shitload of chicks:
“Well if I’m gonna have a party, and especially one that the whole south-west is talking about, I want it to be a good one and to have a good one you have to have the right dudes, which is all my mates, and a shitload of girls. It’s pretty obvious ingredients and that’s what we went for and that’s what we got. It’s pretty simple.”
And to think, all this time we’ve been concerned with the e-vite invite text. Thank you Taj and Stab Mag. You have once again brought light onto the dark secrets of yet another life mystery. 

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Help Haiti: A Day Without Pay

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Want to help but don’t have the time? Creative thinker and activist Dave Chameides has set up a Facebook-based movement to donate your time…wherever you are:

From Dave Chameides:

We talk so often about how bad the economy is, about how tough things are on the job front, about the problems all around us, and then something like the earthquake in Haiti slaps us back into perspective. Sure things could be better, but the bottom line is, tomorrow morning I will wake up with a roof over my head and my family safe and in their beds. I’ll have food in the fridge and more likely than not, electricity lighting my house. I wish I could say that for everyone in the world, and while I am not naïve enough to think that is always the case, the footage coming from Haiti has made it hard to consider otherwise.

100,000 people dead. I can’t even fathom it.

I’d like to jump on a plane and help, but I can’t. I’ve donated money already, but then wondered what else I could do. So I have created a facebook page called A Day Without Pay and would like to invite you to join. The concept is simple. Give up one days pay and send it to one of the organizations listed to help with the relief efforts, or another that you care about that is helping in the area. Now I know to many of us, one days pay may seem like a lot, and in fact, it is. But if you are reading this, chances are, the people of Haiti need those funds more than you or I do.

Whatever you can afford will make a difference and if you can’t afford anything right now, than donate by passing the site on to as many people as possible. Money isn’t going to solve this problem, but it’s going to get the supplies that are needed to the people who need them as soon as possible. For the short term, that’s what’s important.

And while a day without pay will probably hurt, tomorrow you’ll hopefully work again and earn another days wages. Sadly, over 100,000 people in Haiti will never get that chance again. So put in perspective, it doesn’t seem that bad does it?

A day without pay. Give it a shot.



Click HERE to visit the A Day Without Pay Facebook page.

Superfluous or Simply Amazing…UGG + Jimmy Choo Collaboration

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Breaking news: The fashion world has officially embraced UGGs!

$600-$900 UGG Boots…shhh, no prob. Just hope that it never rains and that you’ve always got a fresh pair of socks handy. You’re set.
We’re talking about a new line Jimmy Choo x UGG boots, retailing upwards of $595, plus the cost of a handful of Scotchgard cans. Chilly morning surf check/check out here you come.
Silly you say? Surely, you jest! They look killer and feel like walking on a million little Eskimo babies…and you can’t put a price tag on youth. 

Still interested? Read more about the collaboration here

Ugg-Choo! Sorry, starting to feel a little sick over here.

Behind the Scenes: Billabong Spring 2010 Photo Shoot!

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Check out the behind the scenes footage from Billabong Girls Spring 2010 photo shoot.
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