For the Love of the T-Shirt: The Taj Collection

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Breaking new: Taj loves a good tee. What? No? Really!?

Yes, the rumors are true. To celebrate his man shirt love, Taj has collaborated with Billabong to create a premium collection of Taj-fit tees, raw selvage denim, and various other party accoutrement.

Sadly, crop tees didn’t make the cut. Taj has always liked something that is not too tight around the neck and has a perfect length as well; something that “doesn’t look like a frock and doesn’t look like a crop top,” as he puts it. Taj prefers his tees light and airy, so all the tees in his collection are made with bamboo cotton.

“When we were approving the pieces, I would think: Could I put this on at 6:30 am and still be happy wearing it at midnight?” Taj says of the collection. “If the answer was yes, they’re all in here.”

SWELL’s top pick (in our humble opinion)- the Pegasus Tee. Because mythical creatures are rad.

Check out the first-ever Taj Collectionat SWELL

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Surf City USA: Jackson, Wyoming?

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Does anyone else feel like “Surfing USA” wasn’t supposed to be taken this literally? Brick Tamland warns those surfing with ladies to watch out for bears. Watch the video on CNN HERE

New Zealand

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Before working at SWELL I sold everything I owned and moved to New Zealand for 6 months.

This is some of the footage I brought back…

Music by local band Voom

Thanks to all my kiwi mates, the fitzjames’, neal, frog, parker, Donna & Leigh, and SLSNR!

video by my brother nolan

Ozzie Wrong: Doped Youth

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If you like this footage of Ozzie Wrong in the classic vid from 2004 “Doped Youth” then you love the newest vid from Veeco Productions “BS!”

BS! Is filled with a crapload of great seggys and bonus features from a bunch of Volcom’s greatest shredders.

*Video is available for purchase at Swell along with heaps of other super cool chunks*