Jedidiah S’ports The Mo

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Click to purchase a Jedidiah Movember Tee, and $5 will be donated to prostate cancer research.

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The Shoe With No Footprint?

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The Kustom Evolution Series: A Shoe With No Footprint

The folks at Kustom like life in the 21st century… the waves, the temperature…and want to keep it this way. Kustom’s Environmental Mission, or E-mission, is to produce footwear that aims to as gentle as it can be on Mother Nature. Products carrying the E-mission tag (view all E-mission styles HERE) are made from natural fabrics like hemp and cotton. Where glues are used they are water based, the laces are made from plastic bottles, and the insole boards, (under your feet) also contain recycled materials. A low-waste production technique pumps out the super-light soles and carbon offsets have been purchased too lessen the footprint of the design and manufacturing process. Is this a shoe with no environmental footprint … perhaps not yet. But Kustom’s ongoing E-mission is to continue to improve and work towards something better.


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Thalia Surf Shop Presents:

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11/11/10 – Thursday: Laguna Beach – At 7pm, Thalia Street Surf Shop will be hosting an event for Brixton & Deus Motorcycles for their collaboration debut. There will be raffles, giveaways and lots of vintage motorcycles on display. After 9pm the party will head down to the Marine Room where the beer will flow like wine and the women will instinctively flock to like the Inn at Capistrano…

Thalia Surf Shop Presents:

Andy Irons Transmits Dengue Fever, Withdraws from Rip Curl Search

November 1st, 2010 | By | 963 Comments

Andy Irons joins his Billabong buddy Parko on the injury reserve after Dengue Fever sent him to the hospital shortly after arriving in Puerto Rico. Andy returned to Hawaii hoping to recover from the illness in time to compete in the Pipemasters on Dec.8.

Many considered the two time Rip Curl Search Champ a favorite to win the comp due to his ability to master new breaks in a couple sessions. We wish Andy a speedy recovery.
Andy blowing out the tail
Puerto Rico declared Dengue Fever an epidemic, with 28 fatalities and 757 confirmed cases this year. As the fastest growing mosquito-born illness in the world, Dangue Fever endangers pasty-skinned surfers traveling in the tropics. Dengue is an incurable virus, meaning you could have malaria-like flare ups throughout your life. Avoid this vacation killer with insect repellent, mosquito nets, long-sleeve shirts, and pants.

Luckily these mosquitoes don’t hang around beaches, so the boys at Middles can eat their Mofungo with ease.