Designer Surf Genes: The Future Of Women’s Surfing Could Rest In The Hands Of A Five Year Old

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The. Next. Big. Thing. From boards to gear to swells to forecasting, the foremost name of the game in surfing these days is high performance progression. Unless of course your name happens to be Hamilton and your parents are regarded as the uber Alpha male and female in beach and water sports. And in that case the progression everyone is tracking is your own. (more…)

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New at Swell: BAYVI

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BAYVI (pronounced “basics”) is about individuals with passion; individuals dedicated to their basics, connected by a separation of VI degrees. BAYVI is about expression:  drawn from inspirations in art, music, surf, skate, and media.  It’s about keeping things real and doing things differently.  Get connected, BAYVI.   

Top Trend: Bleached Denim

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Top Trend for Fall: Bleached Denim

Featured styles:
Billabong Tasha Denim
Roxy ‘Till Dawn 2 Denim

Bet you never thought you’d be excited to see bleach spots on your clothes post-wash, right? After getting the scoop that bleach in back, I’m kicking myself for foolishly tossing all those clothes I cried about when they came out of the wash with phantom bleach stains. If only I’d known that my washing machine was simply ahead of the times. 

Why We Love Bleached Denim:

Besides the fact that we’ll never have to worry about bleach incidents ever again, the bleached denim trend keeps our favorite figure-flattering jean new, and it’s a perfect compliment to this season’s grunge, and 80′s trends.  

How to Bleached Denim: 

Pair skinny styles with oversized, off the shoulder tops and stray away from patterns (like the one pictured above). Similar style: Swell Mama Cass Oversized Top.
Or pair with a fun graphic t-shirt for a rockin’ look. 

Don’t worry, this one is safe to wash with colors!

Deep Thoughts from: Swell Model Sofia

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Deep Thoughts, Swell’s new interview series, takes a deep look from the shallow-end at Swell’s newest model, Sofia.