Best Portuguese Man-O-War / Blue Bottle Sting Treatment

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porto man o war

This little bugger is found all over the world but it is more common in the subtropical regions of the Pacific and Indian oceans. While technically not a jelly fish, this invertebrate is infamous for its painful jelly-like sting. So if you do encounter one of these on your trip to Australia, New Zealand or wherever else in the world you may be, here are some steps to cope with the sting.

Step One:

Man up…

the thing’s sting is pretty bad, but it is not going to kill you..

**well that is if you don’t have an allergic reaction to it, but chances are if it’s your first sting you will be all right

Step Two:

Rinse your hurting-red-bumpy skin off with cool, clean water

Step Three:

With the affected area still wet, Take an asprin and rub it all over the sweet spot to create a soupy white paste..

As strange as this sounds it is the best way to go to relieve the sting and itch..

I saw Nurses using this method back in New Zealand and it worked the best..

I have tried rubbing sand on the sting or using piping hot water, but nothing works better then the ol’ asprin // penadol trick..

And no.. peeing on your sting won’t do anything expect scare away your mates…

blue bottle

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Remember to always err on the side of caution and call for help/seek medical attention if the patient’s conditions worsen

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August Gloom? Whats the deal with the weather?

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SWELL visited the International Surf Festival at Redondo Beach this weekend where many were asking, “What’s up with the weather?”

This is the question on many people’s minds lately visiting or hanging around California’s beaches. While the East Coast experienced it’s heat waves last month, Californians have been sitting around with nothing but gray skies and misty mornings just waiting for that Golden State sunshine. So what is responsible for this Gloomy weather? The answer lies in the cooler than normal ocean temperatures up and down the West coast. While the sun does its thing to heat the air inland and high in the sky, the ocean creates a layer of dense, cooler air that get trapped beneath. The result is a moisture-ridden, foggy Marine Layer in our coastal communities that rarely burns off before the late afternoon.

This pattern generally occurs in the spring time where dominant N/NW winds drop the water temp and give us the notorious “May Grays” and “June Glooms”. This year however happens to be a La Niña weather pattern where water temps are 3 to 5 degrees cooler than normal, thus giving us the terrible weather. Sadly all we can do at this point is keep our fingers crossed and hope King Neptune dishes us up some warmer water temps or at least some decent consolation surf. Until then it’s all steamers and groveling for us out here on the West coast.


So instead of moping around we have tried to come up with some reasons to embrace the “gloom”…

1) You can pretend you are in beautiful San Francisco.. Read that novel, sport that scarf and ride a fixie!

2) Reason to upgrade your wetsuit gear early.. spoil yourself with those new booties or that sick wet/dry bag.. perfect gift ideas too

3) Excuse to Head to the River… did we mention we are giving away a boat?

4) Excuse to head to vegas.. like you needed an excuse

5) You can get work done.. weather it’s book work, house work, or work-outs, there is fewer time to waste your summer away just lounging in the sand

6) The weather is Albino and Ginger friendly! no need for our fair skinned buddies to battle it out under the blistering sun for hours on end

7) Endless amount of small talk material about the weather… plus you can impress someone now with your knowledge of the weather patterns

Last Chance to Register…5th Annual Follow the Light Awards in HB

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Last Chance! Registration ends TODAY…


Join us for the 5th Annual Follow the Light Foundation Flame Photography Awards at the Shorebreak Hotel on Tuesday August 3rd in Huntington Beach. This year will include a “People’s Choice” Award and live raffle. Prizes include: Channel Islands board signed by Kelly, $500.00 gift certificate from )(urley, $500.00 in gift cards from SWELL, Oakley sunglasses and an Oakley Holeshot watch valued at $550.00.

Awards are free to the public, but go to!/event.php?eid=119788258066111&index=1 to pre-register

or for $20 VIP tix.

Behold…The Fall 2010 SWELL Catalog

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Be one of the first to see the new SWELL Fall 2010 catalog. This special edition features the lifestyle photography of legendary surf photographer Art Brewer. Check out the digital edition below…