How To: Get the MOST from Your New Flannel

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We know you’ve bought one (or 2 or 9) flannel or plaid shirt this Summer. If you haven’t, you will. Unless you’re allergic to cotton, you’ll be wearing this season’s favorite flannel every chance you get. You’ll soon discover, if you have not already, that you’ll find yourself in need of a way to keep your flannels looking fresh every time you show up to homeroom wearing one. Here’s a guide to different ways you can wear your preferred plaid to keep it looking new:

1. Wear it now: Lightweight plaid shirts are a perfect beach cover-up. If you follow the logic, this makes perfect sense. Follow here: Summer is the best time for biking, especially to and from the beach to cut-down on parking lot crowds. Hipsters love biking. Hipsters also love flannels. Therefore, flannels must be a Summer favorite. Plus, they look killer when paired with some classic Wayfarers.

2. Wear it Over a Dress: Balance out a cute new dress, that maybe is a bit too nice to wear on a casual night out, with a relaxed flannel. The lightweight shirt is perfect for a cooler Summer night, and the unfussy look takes your dress from overly-cutesy to fashion-forward with a touch of sass.

3. Tuck it into high-waisted skirts and pants: So amazingly 70’s. It’s an ode to Farrah Fawcett. It had a subtle sex-appeal then, just as it does now. Go ahead, try it.

4. Layer it: Look chill, cut the chill. Layer a flannel under a jacket or heavy sweater to jazz up your look with a little colorful print.

5. Wear it as a Dress: Grab some leggings. We know you have some. Add a belt around your natural waist. Bam, dress. Add a boot it if you’re feeling like getting a little Americana on your day. This is all based on your flannel being long-enough to cover your bum. If it isn’t, opt for pants (Survey says: “legging are not pants”).


The flannel: Double shwing. Get your new flannels here.

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Australian Bods: BodySurf Zine #3

August 26th, 2009 | By | 3,236 Comments


Sick photos, minimal use of words. Ahhhhh, nice.
Check out the newest issue of the Australian Bodysurf Zine.
I could stare at this for hours. Of course I’m not. Because I’m at work, right?

Take a looksy HERE

Some “Surf-Kitsch” to Start Out Your Morning

August 24th, 2009 | By | 4,595 Comments


A little Monday morning surprise from my favorite music blog, Aquarium Drunkard: a few classic surf tracks from 60′s beach flicks. A touch cheesy? You bet. But it’s just one of those guilty pleasures you acquire while stuck inside during perfectly good beach days/shred sessions. Hope it helps ease you into your Monday!

Listen HERE

As Seen In: Chicago Tribune

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“Maxi dresses and tie-dye go together like peace and love. Flash your back, not bulges, with this Lucy Love ankle-grazing knit jersey tank dress. Free your mind of figure worries with an empire-waist design-and the rest might follow.”
-Wendy Donahue, Chicago Tribune.