Get Billy to the Beach for his Guinness Record Challenge

November 18th, 2010 | By | 2,214 Comments

get billy to the beach

If surfing 24hours+ wasn’t hard enough, Bill needs to overcome many obstacles before attempting his world record session. Luckily you’re here to help! Navigate Billy past killer roosters and deadly spikes to get him to the beach.

Collect the baster cannon to juice his feathery foes into delicious Thanksgiving turkeys! But, be careful one touch from these birds leaves Billy dead on the floor instantly. Collect Bill’s favorite snack to earn points and try to keep ol’ “Ask A Dude” high and dry on stable ground. Good luck! You get 15 chances before Bill is fish food.

Click the game with your mouse to start playing:

ARROW KEYS – Move/Jump
SPACEBAR – Shoot (You can only shoot after you collect the baster cannon)
CTRL – Karate Chop

Number of lives/points collected is displayed at the top right in black

***If you get hit by a rooster or loose all 15 of your lives you will have to reload the entire page to play again. This is one of the bugs from posting the game in a blog post.. there may be others, but enjoy! (Sorry this game may not work with certain web browsers)

Check back for updates on Bill’s world record attempt. He will be attempting to set the record for longest continuous surf session in the ocean at the Huntington Pier (south side) starting at 7:00am PST Saturday, November 20th. Leave your comments and show your support… Bill needs all the help he can get to over come hydropsycosis or anything else Poseidon might throw his way

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A Gift That Keeps on Giving…

November 17th, 2010 | By | 104 Comments


When innovative design melded with a pioneering effort to help empower women, 31 Bits brought vision to life. 31 Bits was created to help women in Uganda rise above poverty through creating jobs that maximize their creative abilities. What came out of the initiative was not only beautiful handmade pieces, but a community that fosters self-worth along with sustenance.

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A Session with Fyasko’s Mark Contreras

November 15th, 2010 | By | 2,958 Comments

Fyasko clothing’s Mark Contreras surfing in his Newport and San Clemente…

Bill Bryan and Friends Wake-Scurf “The Beater”

November 12th, 2010 | By | 1,229 Comments

Another reason to add a Beater to your Quiver. Not only can they help you overcome the blackball, but they can get you through dreaded flat spells. These versatile little handmade boards are perfect to throw in a boat or car, without worrying about dings or catching a rail to the shin.

Watch the CatchSurf team riders unleash a ripping repertoire of tricks behind their wake boat off the San Diego coast.

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