Collecting Scores and Umbrella Drinks With Dane

November 30th, 2010 | By | 3,020 Comments

Collecting Scores And Umbrella Drinks from STAB on Vimeo.

Step into Dane’s sailor shoes and sample his approach to the world championship tour events. He defies the new-age approach of personal trainers and muscle milk, with his whisky fueled photo trips, and pre-heat cliff diving.

We all know Puerto Rico was a mixed bag of emotions for everyone, but this vid leaves us wondering if the world tour can keep Dane captivated, as many speculated he’ll drop out next season (sound farmiliar?).

Also, we think the video’s over-sized heat scores made reference to the lack of on-screen scoring during the Rip Curl events. Or, maybe just to boast his high scores, like the 9.97 we called “The Reynolds Wrap”.

Anyways enjoy Collecting Scores and Umbrella Drinks, a short film by Dustin Miller.

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Party On with Fyasko

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We Give ‘Em a 10

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Victory is….yours. Well, it could be. Signature K10 style is here. Get the number one pair, because if you’re not first, you’re last.

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“Kelly may have 10 World Titles, but how many Guinness World Records does he have? Exactly.”

November 24th, 2010 | By | 6,497 Comments

After 147 waves surfed over a consecutive 26 hour period in the waters just off Huntington Beach Pier, these were the first words Bill Laity spoke upon putting foot to sand.

Having broken the previously held World Record for longest continuous surf session by well over 2 hours (which had been set in summertime North Carolina, as opposed to the heart of a west coast La Nína winter), Bill’s declaration was more triumphant than smug. There stood before us a waterlogged, sunburnt prune of a man, one that had just logged more continuous hours ensconced within the brine than your average harbor seal. He was a gnarly specimen to behold just then, that much was certain, and his feat was an accomplishment not soon to be matched.

As previously mentioned, the conditions were not exactly ideal. Barring a local shark infestation or the The Queen Anne’s Revenge at full sail with the red flag flying, Bill couldn’t have entered a more adversarial arena in which to complete his task. Unceasing and torrential downpour, violent currents, temperatures in the low forties, and a small craft advisory in effect made certain Bill had no option but to put himself and his gear to the ultimate test; and for 26 straight hours and 147 waves, there was some serious testing going down. It can be said now that both man and equipment will receive an A+ in Applied Endurance Sciences.

Having followed the world’s longest continuous surf session with the world’s longest continuous hot shower (which then segued into what may be the world’s longest continuous nap), no longer the husk of a man he was upon exiting the sea a day previous, a reinvigorated Bill Laity had this to say to say in summation of his accomplishment, “Hey, tide is going to be too high in a few hours. Let’s get on it. It’s about chest high, glassy. Should be fun.”