Top 5 Fall Must-Haves from Billabong’s Designer, Mandy!

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Update your wardrobe for fall with these top 5 must-haves from Billabong’s designer Mandy….

1. Pixie Tank
“Love this top. It’s a shorter tank that shows a bit of your waistline and looks so sexy paired with skinny’s. I especially love the Moon Shadow floral print…so girly and sweet.”

2. The Bombastic Dress
“The body conscious dress…makes me want to work out harder!”

3. Akasha Cut-Off Denim
“Cut-off denim…girls’ best friend. It’s a staple that you can always depend on.”

4. Aria Sweater
“Effortless cover up of the season. So easy and it can funk up any outfit. Wear it over a tank with cut-off denim shorts or in cooler weather layered over a long sleeve with your favorite denim jeans.”

5. Stanton Dress
“I love the fringe and it seems to be the trim of the season. This dress will take you from summer straight to fall.”

- Mandy Fry

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2010 International Surf Fest Makes Waves in the South Bay

August 2nd, 2010 | By | 2,422 Comments

International Surf Festival

Once again, the 49th annual International Surf Festival commandeered the beaches and bars of South L.A. Bay over the weekend. Over 4,000 competitors took to the chilly waters and staked their claims to the be king of the beach. To get the contestants fired up, the U.S Coastguard showed off their critical training and high tech toys with a demonstration where a guard repelled from a helicopter into a boat hitting speeds over 40 knots. The rowers, paddlers, and swimmers had to crash through the Redondo shore-breakers before rallying around buoys anchored throughout the bay.

The crowd went NASCAR crazy every time a set wave would stuff a paddle-boarder into the sand, or send a Surf-Dory careening over the falls. When the spume settled, the local Redondo lifeguard squad took home bragging rights in the relay race, Dockweiler won the shallow water swim event, Zuma won the six-man paddle-board race,and Venice won the Bud Stevenson Intra-crew Medley Relay for the fourth year in a row.

The Saturday night SWELL concert at Kilkenny’s kept the mojo rocking and everyone’s ears ringing with local South Bay rockers Tall Cans and Smart Patrol. Its refreshing to see a show with some smoking hot ladies in a rock band ripping on guitar and vocals. SWELL was stoked to support these home-town bands who have an insane stage presence, and filthy maneuvers in the surf.

The weekend culminated with the 6-Man Volleyball tournament in Manhattan Beach. The tourney was borderline out of control with hundreds of teams sporting crazy uniforms, choreographed taunting, and hard-core heckles. Again, team SWELL a.k.a “The Barney Killers” drew throngs of thongs, and tested the nerves of their opponents every time our ruthless mascot got on the megaphone. One team took the insults a little too personal, and was disqualified for an un-sportsmanlike reaction to a barney joke. Bronzed Volleyballer Nick Glavas remarked, “Hey, if your not cheating, your not trying at the six-man”.
Barney Killers... Killing it
Captain Aaron Wachfogel carried the SWELL team to a respectable 3rd place finish. To top things off, the sun came out and the waves turned on for the last day of the Surf Festival. See you next year.

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Best Portuguese Man-O-War / Blue Bottle Sting Treatment

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porto man o war

This little bugger is found all over the world but it is more common in the subtropical regions of the Pacific and Indian oceans. While technically not a jelly fish, this invertebrate is infamous for its painful jelly-like sting. So if you do encounter one of these on your trip to Australia, New Zealand or wherever else in the world you may be, here are some steps to cope with the sting.

Step One:

Man up…

the thing’s sting is pretty bad, but it is not going to kill you..

**well that is if you don’t have an allergic reaction to it, but chances are if it’s your first sting you will be all right

Step Two:

Rinse your hurting-red-bumpy skin off with cool, clean water

Step Three:

With the affected area still wet, Take an asprin and rub it all over the sweet spot to create a soupy white paste..

As strange as this sounds it is the best way to go to relieve the sting and itch..

I saw Nurses using this method back in New Zealand and it worked the best..

I have tried rubbing sand on the sting or using piping hot water, but nothing works better then the ol’ asprin // penadol trick..

And no.. peeing on your sting won’t do anything expect scare away your mates…

blue bottle

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Remember to always err on the side of caution and call for help/seek medical attention if the patient’s conditions worsen

August Gloom? Whats the deal with the weather?

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SWELL visited the International Surf Festival at Redondo Beach this weekend where many were asking, “What’s up with the weather?”

This is the question on many people’s minds lately visiting or hanging around California’s beaches. While the East Coast experienced it’s heat waves last month, Californians have been sitting around with nothing but gray skies and misty mornings just waiting for that Golden State sunshine. So what is responsible for this Gloomy weather? The answer lies in the cooler than normal ocean temperatures up and down the West coast. While the sun does its thing to heat the air inland and high in the sky, the ocean creates a layer of dense, cooler air that get trapped beneath. The result is a moisture-ridden, foggy Marine Layer in our coastal communities that rarely burns off before the late afternoon.

This pattern generally occurs in the spring time where dominant N/NW winds drop the water temp and give us the notorious “May Grays” and “June Glooms”. This year however happens to be a La Niña weather pattern where water temps are 3 to 5 degrees cooler than normal, thus giving us the terrible weather. Sadly all we can do at this point is keep our fingers crossed and hope King Neptune dishes us up some warmer water temps or at least some decent consolation surf. Until then it’s all steamers and groveling for us out here on the West coast.


So instead of moping around we have tried to come up with some reasons to embrace the “gloom”…

1) You can pretend you are in beautiful San Francisco.. Read that novel, sport that scarf and ride a fixie!

2) Reason to upgrade your wetsuit gear early.. spoil yourself with those new booties or that sick wet/dry bag.. perfect gift ideas too

3) Excuse to Head to the River… did we mention we are giving away a boat?

4) Excuse to head to vegas.. like you needed an excuse

5) You can get work done.. weather it’s book work, house work, or work-outs, there is fewer time to waste your summer away just lounging in the sand

6) The weather is Albino and Ginger friendly! no need for our fair skinned buddies to battle it out under the blistering sun for hours on end

7) Endless amount of small talk material about the weather… plus you can impress someone now with your knowledge of the weather patterns