The Original Monoboarder… “El Uno”

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Check out friend of Swell “El Uno” take skiing into another dimension. Only the most skilled and filthy powder-hungry pioneers like John can tame the monoboard, and he’s claiming its going to be in the X-Games in a couple years. Enjoy and vote at (Intro ends at 1 min)

For good karma, vote for “El UNO” so he can win a free ski trip. He promises to return with funky footage that will forever change the world of shredding.

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Matix Spring ’11 Photoshoot

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Get a behind the scenes look at the Spring 2011 Matix photoshoot. It’s a sneak peak at all of the goodies that will be here any day now, plus some fun styling ideas.
Shop first Spring arrivals from Matix girls HERE

Matix Womens Spring 2011 Shoot from Matix on Vimeo.

Some Primo Knit from Element

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Product Review – HangGoose Wetsuit Hanger

March 8th, 2011 | By | 3,338 Comments

At one point or another we have all been guilty of leaving a dripping wetsuit in the back of our trucks only to find a musty pile for our next session. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s just many of us can’t be bothered to find a decent place (or way) to store our rubber after a tiring surf. Well worry no more because the HangGoose is here!

Straight from the frigid waters of Nor Cal comes this solid, beautifully crafted collapsible wetsuit hanger. Designed and perfected by a surfer/contractor from Humboldt County, the HangGoose’s smooth teak body is as refined as it is useful.

So what’s different about this hanger? you might ask..

Unlike a normal hanger the ‘Goose hangs your suit from the middle, which lets it dry quicker and doesn’t stretch out the neck or shoulders. Also included on both the sides of the hanger are posts specifically made for draining/airing out your booties. No other method works better for eliminating that scummy water build up when stowing your boots.Then, to top it off, at the base of the hanger is a fastening string that allows gloves or any other gear to be hung alongside your suit.

So with the Goose your entire wetsuit quiver can be securely hung and dried with the greatest of ease. Now even the laziest of surfers out there will be able to properly care for their gear.

In turn all your expensive cold water gear will last longer and stay warmer for more than a couple seasons.


The HangGoose collapses for easy storage in your car or truck and can be hung just about anywhere, even door frames!

The ‘Goose makes a great great gift for groms and geezers alike… because no one likes a soggy, worn out suit..

Check it out here