Swell Fan vs. Non-Swell Shopper

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C/O $lave

One of our favorite Swell fans takes out a non-swell shopper by accident…

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this is our lunchbreak wave at Swell. not too too heavy huh?

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c/o Surfline

Black Gold, Texas Tea.

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Whats good?

Mos’ Def’ not the current state of oil production and its vastly negative effects on the world as a whole. Check out this video, from hip-hop artists Talib Kweli & HiTek, who have put together a great visual to back up the smooth rhymes on this ever so hot topic.

I’m On a Boat. Yes, a Real One.

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I’m on a boat…
Enter to win a $50,000 Team Billabong Super Air Nautique Boat, or $10,000 in cashola!

1st Place:
The 2008 Super Air Nautique Billabong Team Edition Boat

Three 2nd Place Winners:
A Sony Vaio mini PC

3rd Place:
$500 in Billabong Gear