How to Look Good in Pictures

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Ever wonder how professional models ALWAYS look good in pictures? Besides the fact that most are insanely gorgeous/ thin/ have great hair/ yada, yada, yada… they know what looks good in photos, and what doesn’t. So just in time for prom pics and summer vacation photos, we decided to share a little insider knowledge about how to look smokin’ in pictures–even if you’re not Giselle.

Some picture perfect posing tips:

-Try something different. A foot movement or hip pop can create a whole new look.

-Put on a new face and practice it in the mirror. Practice showing emotion through your eyes when you are smiling or not. Try and connect with the other side of the camera.

-Look both ways. Don’t be afraid to pose looking away from the camera. Great shots often come when you are looking away (either with your eyes or when your head is turned).

-Be flexible. Pose with a knee bent for the most flattering look. (Avoid that bowlegged look at all costs!)

-Nixs on the ’80’s. Look at an ’80’s prom picture. Look closer. See that? Everything there, that’s what you want to avoid.

More of a visual learner? Check out how the Swell girls get it done for some inspiration.

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Rock The Vote: OC Surfer Of The Year

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Who’s the best surfer in Orange County? You decided. The annual Orange County Surfer of the Year Awards have got everyone’s trigger finger hot and bothered with an online poll that has fans voting for the best pro male and female, as well as the best male and female up-and-comer. If you’re an avid fan of this blog it should come to no surprise that we’re pulling for Greg Long as best shortboarder and SCHS standout Marissa Shaw for brightest emerging star.

The Register salutes the best each year with the annual Orange County Surfer of the Year Awards. The online poll plugs into fans who vote for the best male and female professional rider – maybe a contestant in the worldwide Association of Surfing Professionals circuit or a lone wolf seeking out the biggest waves wherever they form in the oceans of the earth. A prize goes to the best of the longboarders who cruise the waves in their big boards, keeping alive the “hang ten” tradition of their zinc-nose slathered forefathers and mothers. The awards also honor the next wave of top surfers – the up and coming boys and girls who surf for the fun of it or for their high school or surf team spirit, with perhaps an eye to one day taking on the Kelly Slaters, Andy Irons and Layne Beachleys of the world.

Fans, vote early and often. The last waves of votes will hit the ballot at midnight on July 9. Then the horn blows. The excitement peaks during the U.S. Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, where the awards ceremony will be held at the Walk of Fame at Jack’s Surfboards on July 23.

New at Swell: Mavericks

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Bigger is better. And Mavericks is one brand that represents a group with the biggest cojones of them all. From the Northern California break that sponsors one of the most insane waves in the world, Mavericks represents fierce competition, thunderous swells, and waves that would make even the manliest of man wet his panties. It’s gear from the legendary Mavericks; gear that might as well come with a extra set of metric wrenches to aid your manhood. And no, the tees do not come in fuchsia.

Top Honors Served Up At SCHS Awards Banquette

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Last Friday evening saw the end of an incredible season of historic wins and personal bests as San Clemente High honored their 2009 varsity and junior varsity surfing teams. Held at the Surfing Heritage Museum, the awards banquette  included the athletes’ families and friends who came out in support of the teams’ strong and rich talent. Special recognition was given to the eight students who earned academic excellence by consistently mainitaining a 3.5 GPA or higher, further proving their bright futures in and out of the water. also received special acknowledgement for their committed sponsorship and resourcefullness in promoting individual team members.

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