Drink Beer, Support Firefighters! Visit the SWELL booth at the OC Brew Ha ha – 9/11/2010

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For info on this Year’s 2011 Brew Ha Ha Event Click Here: http://bit.ly/pLaAF9

That’s right, come party with SWELL at the 9/11 OC Brew Ha Ha Craft Beer Festival and help us honor firefighters everywhere by toasting our beverages and saluting these brave men. A portion of the proceeds of this event will go on to benefit the local Fallen Fire Fighters Relief Fund, a non-profit organization that aids families of Orange County Fire Fighters lost in the line-of-duty.  Also, patrons will get a chance to win the SWELL Surfboard, motorized scooter, and tons of other raffles to benefit the charity. Did we mention your entry includes ten free beers?!

Party with SWELL at the OC Brew HA HA craft beer festival flyer

So come out,  sample a variety of tasty brews and party with the SWELL crew at this hiccup-worthy event.  There will be over 100 different craft brews from over 50 different breweries to toast away the summer. Beer connoisseurs to the not-so-informed drinker alike will enjoy the beer seminars, live entertainment, and many other festivities that this venue has to offer.

Plus, stop by the SWELL aloha grass-hut and we will be giving out heaps of free prizes, high-fives and shakas to every brew-lover with a smile on their sunburned mug .

General Admission: $35
VIP Packages Available

Get your tickets at:

Use the discount code: swellbrew (all lowercase) for 22%  off your tickets!

Designated drivers get in for $10!

Nobody under 21 is allowed into this event

Hidden Valley Park
8800 Irvine Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618


Event to be held:
Saturday, 9/11/2010
12pm to 3pm

Event to support Local 3631 Firefighters Union:
Local 3631 Firefighters Union


For info on this Year’s 2011 Brew Ha Ha Event Click Here: http://bit.ly/pLaAF9

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Stussy: It’s All That.

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Sup b? Stussy, the brand we all rocked with a Jansport in the 80’s, is back in action. And if you’re thinking about a slightly grunged, acid wash look with some cropped lengths and neon hits in the mix, you wouldn’t be THAT far off. The proverbial Stussy apple doesn’t fall far front the tree. Rolled-up tee sleeves, 80’s tribal prints, bod-hugging skirts, and Crosby-esque sweaters all make an appearance in the updated nostalgia line. Needless to say, it’s all that and a bag of chips.

See what’s new from Stussy at SWELL

Product Showcase: Placebo Rocket

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All those set waves we’d been giving away sessions past have finally paid off in pleasing the surf gods to the point of them hooking us up with golden tickets granting us access to the mysterious and strangely wonderful kingdom-cum-factory of the ever enigmatic PLACEBOMAN. Stoked out of our gourds we were as the earmuffs and paper bags were placed upon our domes for the limo ride over. When the darkness and silence at last lifted, light and sound having returned to us, there before us stood a one Mr. Rick Hazard–PLACEBOMAN’s stalwart right hand and keeper of the keys to the kingdom. He had with him, held aloft in his mighty hands, a weapon so fierce that at its mere mention a heaving 6-foot A-frame would collapse upon itself and crumble into a giant wall of mushburger. What Excalibur be this ye ask?! Behold the Placebo Rocket.

5'5" Placebo Rocket

5'5" Placebo Rocket.


What Excalibur did for dragons, this thing does for ankle to chest high waves.

Stacks o' rad.

Stacks o' rad.

Office space.

Office space.

Inferior decorating at its best.

Inferior decorating at its best.

Believe it or not, California can get heavy from time; every surfer worth his salt needs at least one gun in his quiver.

Believe it or not, California can get heavy from time; every surfer worth his salt needs at least one gun in his quiver.


Bill "Ask a Dude" Laity and Rick "Sweetie Pie" Hazard: two of the nicest, friendliest guys around. Paddle on over to their peak next time you see them out and say what up. They're always down to bro it and share some sets, especially Rick.

The Bolt Is Back…

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…in all of it’s retro-stached glory. Check out DailyStoke’s lastest ode to the rebirth of this classic 70′s and 80′s surf brand HERE.
Or prepare to be amazed (and to have a new wallpaper on your computer) while you scroll through some of the original Lightning Bolt ads HERE. Our favorite, for obvious reasons…


Check out Lightning Bolt at SWELL