Throwback Trunks..Yay or Nay?

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Although still early in the season, I’m sure you’ve spotted many-a-spring break-dude are sporting scalloped leg trunks (no, not boardshorts) in the 16″ to 18″ range. Aside from the obvious increase in bronzage potential, these retro styles are coming back once again because of their advantage in both style and shred…less knee hang-ups, less weight, and because deep down, you know the Hoff was a stud.
Top stache-pairing picks for the shorty enthusiast include retro styles from The Ryde, Critical Slide Society, and AMBSN.

Check out the full line-up of throwback trunks

That said, there are plenty o’ haters to be had. Go ahead, voice your thoughts here.

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CROPPED TOPS: Not just a Kelly Kapowski look!

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I am thrilled that proportions are changing, since I’m pretty much over long tunic tops paired with skinny leggings. But then again, I am a very fickle person. (This may explain my fear of commitment, or ever venturing out to get a tattoo)

OK, back to the subject, so right now I have traded all my longer tees for shorter cropped ones that hit at the natural waist line. I know what you’re thinking, “Who is this crazy girl, first she’s trying to sell me on cheeky bottom swimwear, and now cropped tops?” But I am telling you, you can rock this look, and make it appear so tasteful and hip. Just outfit these tops with a pair of denim pants or shorts that are high rise or hit your belly button.
My personal favorite pair of denim are the Cheap Monday Tight Skinny Denim in Indigo. My friends snickered at first and said I was trying to be Kelly from Saved By the Bell, but now I am starting to get so many compliments on my outfits when I go out. Girls, (and even guys), what is your take???
Hannah - Swell's Girls Merchandise Manager

Ultimate Boarder Championship: A Board Sports Triathlon

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The Ultimate Boarder Championship is an international contest testing one’s shred skills across three arenas: Snow, Skate and Surf. In its fourth year, the contest has reminded everyone how interconnected the three sports are, and how practicing in skating can elevate your abilities in the surf or snow, and vis versa. Past winers include Volcom’s Mike Morrisey and Chad Shetler of Lost, beating out greats like Tom Curren, Shaun Tomson, Steve Caballero, and rising stars like Kalani David, Wade Goodall, and Kilian Garland.

Playing to their strengths, the opening event was dominated a couple of Mammoth Mountain Locals in their home park and current overall no. 1 Shayne Pospsil of New Jersey.

Yesterday’s surf leg of the comp went down in a windy mix of chest-high surf at Seaside Reef, Cardiff Ca. Nate Zoller, 22yr old grom from Laguna Beach gained momentum throughout the comp, and beat out some heavy locals in the final. Ya Nate Dog!

Kyle Knox, Nathan Zoller, and Josh Morse. Photo: Branden Aroya/Ultimate Boarder

Kyle Knox, Nathan Zoller, and Josh Morse. Photo: Branden Aroya/Ultimate Boarder

Now they’re constructing a skate park in the Seaside parking-lot for the final showdown, and the standings are known to flip flop during the skate portion. This segment is also known to draw in crowds watching these guys go for broke trying to get $30,000.

Other divisions of the competition include, team formats, where mostly surfshops and other crews battle it out for casha nd bragging rights. And a youth division of talented groms under 15.

So if your in the San Diego area on Saturday, head down to Seaside beach Park in Cardiff.
For more info, visit:
Here’s The current standing after two rounds:

DogBoarding – A Skate Video for Dog Lovers…and Haters

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A skate video that promises to make you smile, and make PETA flip out.