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A few months ago we started to hear lots of chatter about a new blog that had all of Hollywood’s hot young moms in a thither—make that Twitter. Clever, contemporary and cool, had launched as the first and last word for yummy mummies in the know. Featuring profiles, product reviews, and sage advice, BreezyMama had even caught the attention of action sport’s elite with its close ties to the beach scene and surrounding lifestyles. And wouldn’t you know it, editors Chelsea and Alex (both Carlsbad, CA, natives) are big, big fans of Swell. In their recent “Products For Easy Beach Days” review, they were all over our Go Pro Digital Camera. Slick and compact, this waterproof gem attaches to your wrist and displays amazing high quality photos and video. Which comes in handy should you “find yourself running after your child, taking photos, and a wave takes her out… you won’t have to worry about saving your camera as you save her.”

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How Did I Get Here? – L*Space’s Monica Wise

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Since launching our hugely popular Featured Stylist program, we’ve been fortunate to meet countless talented and ambitious individuals. Designers, artists, stylists, photographers, journalists, models-each with a different story, but all sharing a common goal: To make a defying mark in fashion. But as lofty as their aspirations are, more daunting is finding the right path to get them there.

For world renowned designer Monica Wise, creator and owner of L*Space Swimwear, her tale is far from your text book example. In fact, some would say her journey began out in left field. But like so many other great self-made success stories, Monica’s underlying theme is that great expectations will always produce triumphant endings.


Deep Thoughts From: Stylist Michelle Mitchell

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Deep Thoughts, Swell’s new interview series, takes a look from the shallow-end at Swell’s stylist Michelle Mitchell.


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Twirlit Gets Styled for Summer With Swell!

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Swell was lucky enough to team up with the popular fashion/news/beauty/health/entertainment…blog, Twirlit, for a clip on Summer Fashion Tips. Our buyer hand-picked some of this season’s top looks and showed how you can mix and match each item to update your look and get more from each piece. 

Some of the featured picks:
Billabong Silvana Dress
Billabong Camille Skirt
Quiksilver Loot Horse Tank
Quiksilver Zephyr Cord Short

Click here for the full list of styles featured in the segment 

If you haven’t heard of Twirlit yet, it’s time to get in the loop! It’s a great way to get in touch with the latest fashion, gossip and entertainment. 

Thanks Kathrien Ahn and the crew from Twirlit for creating a great style video!