Enter the Catch Surf “Just Beat It” Sweeps!

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Win yourself some waves during black ball conditions with this Catch Surf board & gear pack worth over $600!!

- 54″ Super One Board w/ fins
- 54″ Beater Board
- D71 Bodyboard
- Stealth Swim Fins
- Beater Tee


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Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – Ty Segall

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After nearly a half-century of evolution, present day garage rock comes in many shapes and sizes. From pop-influenced girl groups & lo-fi fuzz aficionados to psychedelic acid noodlers and blue-based head stompers.

Laguna Beach-bred surfer, Ty Segall 24, is a refreshing figure in this discombobulated genre. His far-flung sound, one part grunge wail & the other part backwoods weirdo, touches on everything from rockabilly to proto-punk to catchy piano and flute-tinged classic rock.

Segall began his recording career as a part-time musician in various underground bands in Laguna Beach & San Francisco, before beginning a solo career in 2008. After coming out with 3 albums and a string of successful and limited 7” singles his 4th album “Melted,” was placed in some “Best of 2010 Lists,” including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone & Spin. “Melted,” was quoted from Pitchfork’s Paul Thompson as an album that will give you a “kick in the pants.”

Ty Segall is considered to be much evolved from his first album, and more in control of his music and voice. So much so, that he was chosen to perform at the 2011Outside Lands music festival in San Fransisco. We’ll see you there Ty, keep ripping.

Off of his latest album “Melted,” Segall really belts out this tune “Imaginary Person.”


Bill Laity
That’s me Bill Laity at a Black Lips show at the Detroit Bar. I was dancing with a girl and she did one of those “run up and catch me in the air type deals” but I couldn’t catch her (due to part-intoxication, part physics) so I fell back and she landed on me, knocking me out.


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San Clemente, CA, ON A MISSION, OAM, Proudly announces the signing of South African, Ranking #2 ASP stand out, and one of the best surfers on the planet, JORDY SMITH!
Jordy Sign with OAM

OAM CEO and owner, Raz Hodgman speaks highly of Jordy joining the team, “Jordy is a great human, a phenomenal surfer, and in a league of his own. He is a world class athlete and will continue to be at the top of the tour rankings, blowing our minds now and in the years to come. We are stoked to have him aboard!

Jordy Smith comments on his new relationship with On A Mission, “I am really happy to be a part of the team. I always looked up to the On A Mission riders growing up and now I am stoked to be one of them!”

On A Mission is the leader in surf accessory innovation and design. The company was founded 1992 by professional surfers for surfers. Icons such as the Malloy brothers, Benji Weatherly, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Ross Williams, and Taylor Steele together with a new breed of OAM Athletes that are all crucial in the design and process to ensure optimal rider performance product.

Jordy Smith, Mitch Coleborn, Bede Durbidge, Taylor Knox, Michel Bourez, Jay Davies, Brent Dorrington, Sterling Spencer, Alex Gray, Benji Weatherley, Nate Yeomans, Joel Centeio, Damien Farehnfort, Torrey Meister, Jesse Hines s, And more…

Click product to see SWELL's entire OAM collection

Click product to see SWELL's entire OAM collection

Follow the Light- And Submit Your Photos!

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SAN CLEMENTE, CA- The Follow the Light Foundation (FTLF) is calling all photographers to submit their applications for its annual $5,000 grant in honor of the late Larry “Flame” Moore. The deadline is one month from today: entries must be received no later than May, 17, 2011.

The FTLF was founded after Moore’s passing to ensure that up-and-coming surf photographers continue to get the recognition and support they deserve. Flame — legendary Photo Editor of SURFING Magazine for more than three decades — made it a priority to teach and inspire anyone with a passion for photography. This grant helps keep that legacy alive. The application and details can be found on the FTLF website. (folllowthelightfoundation.org)

Now in its sixth year, the FTLF continues to recognize photographers on the rise and help fuel their vision. During this year’s submission process, photographers will edit their images and cue it to the music of their choice. The “visual presentations” of the Top 5 finalists will then be shown at an awards night at the Shorebreak Hotel during the US Open of Surfing on Tuesday, August 2. “Recognizing the world’s best up-and-coming surf photographers fits right in with the spirit of the US Open of Surfing,” says FTLF sponsor Bob Hurley. “It’s so fun to see such an amazing showcase of young talent in one place — very inspiring.”

Judging from the career paths of past winners, the FTLF recipients will continue to inspire. 2010 recipient Morgan Maassen is quickly becoming the surf world’s freshest eye. Former winners Chris Burkard and Todd Glaser and Ray Collins are three of the most prolific and talented photographers in the sport today, and they all give credit to Flame and FTLF for helping their dream job come true. “It was such an honor to be picked for this grant,” said 2008 winner Todd Glaser. “To be recognized and critiqued by legends like Aaron Chang — and get funding on top of it — will always stand as a career highlight.”

To help round out the wide spectrum of gifted photographers, FTLF will be honoring the late Leroy Grannis this year, a surf photography pioneer and founder of Surfing Magazine.

Follow The Light also wants you to be a judge. The People’s Choice Award will be a text to vote format, where you can vote for your favorite. Winner will be announced at the Shorebreak Hotel.

To submit an application, contact Peter Taras (peter.taras@sorc.com) or Jeremiah Klein (miahklein@s7mg.com).

The FTLF is proud to be working with Surfing Magazine, SWELL, Hurley and Oakley to provide this year’s grant. For more information, go to followthelightfoundation.org.

About Follow the Light: On October 10th, 2005, the surfing community lost one of its most influential figures. After a nearly three-year battle with brain cancer Larry “Flame” Moore, the Photo Editor of SURFING Magazine for 30 years, passed. He left behind a legacy of brilliant photography and an army of photographers trained by him. Through his work at SURFING Magazine, Larry literally gave three decades of surfing their “look.” Today, honoring Larry’s request, we have established Follow the Light Foundation (FTLF), an organization that will help finance the dreams of surf photographers, pushing the sport and its lensmen forward.