Surfing Magazine Rulebook Recognizes

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Surfing Magazine’s “Rulebook” reminds us all to restrain our inner-grom (claiming, snaking, screaming) in order to maintain the respect and sacred solitude of surfing. The rules aren’t asking surfers to bow down to “heavy locals”, they’re simply suggestions to beach-goers who lack discretion in their session.

It’s also relevant reading material for the average surfer, in a world where XXL charging and progressive airs dominate the periodicals. And most of us ARE average surfers.
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So, we subscribers to Surfing Magazine never miss the monthly dose of the Surfing’s Rule Book. Find it towards the back of the mag, under the “Core-Score” – another surfer canon respected by the core-est of the core. That’s why we at Swell were honored to get penciled into the Rulebook in a recent issue.

The Rule Book Read: “The Swell Catalog is to us [Surfing Magazine Staff] as the Toys ‘R’ Us catalog is to children”

Thanks Surfing, an here’s one back at ya: Surfing Magazine invented the Fight Club code of surfing, like “The first rule of surfing is, there are no rules…just don’t blow it”.
Surfing Rulebook recently launched a twitter site, giving us a few daily words of wisdom. Prepare yourself for blunt humorous advice that’s relevant from Pismo to Pipe. If you think it doesn’t apply to you, we need to invent a rule about that. Anyone know some good one-liners that apply?

Here’s a few of their latest from their Twitter:!/SURFINGRulebook
Surfing Rule Book

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Top 3 Summer Bag Trends…

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On the fringe, or rocking the fringe? Either way, these favorites have our top satchel trends in the bag:

1. The Bag with the Fringe:
Rocking far superior summer accoutrement than the boots with the fur, the bag with the fringe can take on our favorite boho charm, or add a rock edge to this season’s favorite ‘skinny dress’ and shades.

2. The Crossbody:
Ever try to really rock-out with your oversized tote? Aside from the limited range you’d achieve on your air guitar and decreased power slide distance, the the amount of spilled beverage due to your tote flinging around the dance floor is enough to make 20 kittens cry. 20. Instead of carrying around all of your excess baggage, opt for this season’s favorite little crossbody bag.

3. The Oversized natural beach bag:
Go au naturel this summer by sporting the go-to carry-all…the large (and in charge of your style) beach tote. An ode to the 60′s, and a perfect match for the maxi skirt, natural straw, canvas and burlap styles are sure to rule the beach scene. Our favorite: the Billabong Day Tripper Bag. Perfect for traveling, beach trips, and (dare we say it this soon), a go-to book/computer bag.

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Lucky Magazine agrees…Swell has the cutest swimwear from Eberjey

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Throwback Trunks..Yay or Nay?

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Although still early in the season, I’m sure you’ve spotted many-a-spring break-dude are sporting scalloped leg trunks (no, not boardshorts) in the 16″ to 18″ range. Aside from the obvious increase in bronzage potential, these retro styles are coming back once again because of their advantage in both style and shred…less knee hang-ups, less weight, and because deep down, you know the Hoff was a stud.
Top stache-pairing picks for the shorty enthusiast include retro styles from The Ryde, Critical Slide Society, and AMBSN.

Check out the full line-up of throwback trunks

That said, there are plenty o’ haters to be had. Go ahead, voice your thoughts here.