New at SWELL: Alkemie

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Prepare yourself for shock and awe: Alkemie.

Did you know that a single gold ring causes 20 TONS of mining waste? Sh-yeah, we’re not kidding (we read it – in a book)! Aside from stand-out designs, Alkemie gets our attention for its dedication to eco-friendly materials and practices. New to SWELL, the Mama Nature-inspired jewelry line is sure to make a statement.

About Alkemie:
Alkemie Jewelry has earned a devoted international following based not only on the originality of their designs, but their leadership as a socially and environmentally progressive company. All designs are made of 100% reclaimed metal & manufactured by hand in downtown Los Angeles, California.

In addition to looking out for our planet, Alkemie promotes fair trade, local living wage and eco-sustainable business practices to combat the existing harmful effects and conditions of the metal and gemstone industry; including social issues such as children working in dangerous conditions to mine and mount stones, as well as environmental issues, like toxic chemicals from mines seeping into the surrounding land and severely damaging precious watersheds.

Here at SWELL, we feel privileged to offer a brand that presents such a great of example of how creativity and social responsibility can create something truly beautiful.
Shop Alkemie’s sea-inspired designs at SWELL

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Fantasy Surfer – Swell’s Company Challenge

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The 50th annual Bells Beach Pro is into the elimination rounds, which means the fantasy surfer results test your nerves, and so does the trash talk.

The Game: Pick the highest scoring team of 8 surfers in a given contest on a budget.
The Challenge: Inflict the harshest punishment for the person with the lowest scoring team.

The Swell Fantasy Surfer office competition is not the typical fantasy sports wager. There’s no high-dollar pool, instead we go for humiliation and gut busting bets. It’s usually a damn competitive field since most of us have surfed the spots on the tour, and scores are usually in the 800pt range. This month, some of the boys backed out of the deal due to intensified wagering involving: Beer bonging a Four-Loco out of a odd shaped funnel aka “The Dong-Bong”, and some other side-bets that the dads is the office couldn’t stomach. We saw it fit to keep it filthy as not to look like some gambling sports fanatics.

Here’s three guys’ teams ready to endure the office challenge.


Bill’s Strategy: “Frick.. besides being sexy as hell.. Kelly’s moves are getting better with age.. I mean jimmeny christmas he’s my man!”


Morgan’s Strategy: “My fellow goofy-footers are under-rated at right points. Like Wilco, his blading skills are going to give him the edge”


Dave’s Strategy: “Pick surfers who ride for the event sponsor. Everyone knows they’re in bed with the judges”

Check back after the contest to witness the humiliation. Let us know if you want into our league, we may open up the challenge to our fans.

If you’re looking to improve your Fantasy Surfer skills, follow our guidlines we laid out for last year’s Teahupoo comp here.

As Seen In Seventeen Mag: Lolli

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You’re not the only one loving Lolli Swim this season…
Seventeen Magazine has picked up on the fun-in-the-sun brand that serves up sugary spoonfuls of insanely-flattering bikini style. Would you rock this look? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.


See more from Lolli Swimwear at SWELL

Celebrate Earth Day with SWELL (+ Score Some Swag)!

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You (+ your friends/family!)

SWELL Earth Day Celebration

Online & at San Onofre State Beach

4/22/11 – Join us all day online and/or show up to the beach clean up at 10am

Come help preserve our beaches and oceans + score some free swag along the way

Click HERE to join us online!