Free Show Tomorrow Night! Audible Mainframe

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Check out Audible Mainframe tonight at The Blue Beet in Newport, complements of Fyasko.

For the LA crowd, or if sloppy seconds just isn’t your steeze, catch the show at El Cid tonight:
El Cid
4212 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
8pm doors, 21+, $12
AMF hits at 8:30pm SHAR

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Sneak Peak: Behind the Scenes Billabong Holiday 2010 Photoshoot

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Get a behind-the-scenes sneak peak Billabong’s Holiday line…full of lace, 70′s silhouettes, native prints, fringe, and washed-out tie-dyes and florals.
Shop the Collection HERE

Thanks to Weed Diamond for the soundtrack

Product Showcase: Infinity Loose Cannon

September 24th, 2010 | By | 1,766 Comments

Here we find the Youngman Laity in his natural habitat—an utter state of confusion. Frantically searching the highways, alleys and impasses of Dana Point, seeking the ever elusive Infinity Loose Cannon a spark ignites within his somewhat obtuse but unfeigned melon . Remembering how the Boehne Brothers always look so dapper-do, Youngman Laity realizes that they most likely frequent a magnificent lil barber shop called “The Kings Club ” for that fine, polished look. As Laity enters this quaint little establishment it’s no coincidence when he stumbles across one of the illustrious Boehne Brothers, Diamond Dave. Let us now watch the interaction of the species…….

Bug Hunting Season Nears for the California Spiny Lobster

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For those of you getting excited for “Lobster’s Eve”, the date for this year’s Recreational Lobster season in California is set for Saturday, Oct. 2nd, 2010. What is “Lobster’s eve” you might ask? Well it is the time of the year when lobster divers –well seasoned & novices alike– come out of the woodwork and descend on the Pacific like hoards of  neoprene-clad army ants in search of those prized red crustaceans. At 12am midnight on “Lobster’s Eve”, you will find crowds of night divers hitting the water with flashlights, glowsticks, and all. Just off shore, you will also see tons of boats dropping anchor and many a hoop-net as the countdown comes to an end and all licensed fishermen are finally allowed to take their alloted amount of lobster.

The opening days are crucial because recreational fisherman are given only a week or so before commercial boats start reeling in their giant traps and thinning out the near shore populations. This is why the day before open season you will find lines of fishermen posted up at the local stores gathering their report cards, liscences and new gear. All are hoping to score as many “bugs” as they can before commercial fisherman start doing their job..

So what’s the big deal about lobster fishing? In a supermarket a 1-2 lb lobster fetches around $30 a piece…. So when a fisherman can take up to 7 of these per day, these bug hunters can have a feast fit for a king if they score the right spot and put in some time.

Don’t let this get you too excited though.. In the past Lobster’s Eve has lead some divers to abandon common sense and dive no matter what. Even with macking surf and poor visibility divers have tried for to go out and died. So if you do decide to go out looking for bugs, check the surf report beforehand and if there is surf don’t be that guy who thinks he’s the lobster king… you can and will drown.

Lobsters Eve, 2009 – catch of the night: 11lb bug

Need more info?
check out the California Fish and Game Website’s FAQ and click on the spot at says spiny lobster: