Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – Beach Fossils

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The Beach Fossils are a radical, Indie band from the city of Brooklyn. Their sound can best be described as dreamy lo-fi with a bit of reverb on the side. They’ve come out with 2 groovy albums and have released a few 7” singles in the past 2 years.

The Beachfossils’ lo-fi fuzzy sound punctuated with simple beats and thoughtful lyrics implores memories of simpler times. When asked lead singer Dustin Payseur “What are your musical influences?” Payseur responded- “Um. I take it from all over. I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Bach music done with a harpsichord. I’m influenced by whatever I’m listening to at the time and sometimes what I‘m reading influences me more than what I’m listening to. I’m reading some Vladimir Mayakovsky right now and a lot of poetry.”

When asked- “How did you come up with your band name?” Payseur replied- “Whenever I’m reading I make a list of words I like. Usually they’re words that aren’t as clear as Beach Fossils, but when you’re choosing a band name it needs to be something that people can remember. It’s kind of unfortunate because at the same time there was a lo-fi beach theme going on so we ended up getting lumped in with that. That has phased out so maybe people will stop associating us with that genre.”

Off of their latest 7” single the Beach Fossils came out with “Daydream.” This nostalgic track sounds just as it’s advertised. It captures the essence of a glorious summer day and carries an energetic, carefree vibe, packing tones of catchy hooks & memorable riffs.


Bill, accepting the consequences of his Fantasy Surfer wager.

Bill, accepting the consequences of his Fantasy Surfer wager.

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WaveJet – Introducing The First Jet-Powered Surfboard

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Just when tow-ats and SUPs get outlawed from most line-ups, Wavejets are here for watermen lookin for a boost. WaveJet is the first company to bring a miniaturized jet drive to market for surf boards, SUP’s, rescue boards, kayaks, kite boards, and boat tenders.

Wavejet is powered by an integrated twin-lithium ion battery pack with internal twin drives, unlike the dangerous internal-combustion driven propellers of motorized surfboards from the past. It’s capable of 20 pounds of thrust, has a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes, activated through a wireless wrist controller and recharges in a standard wall socket.

Steve Walden, master shaper and craftsman has been building and perfecting longboards for over 45 years, and is considered “the father of the modern longboard.” Here’s his take on the Wavejet: “WaveJet’s propulsion drive will dramatically enhance when, where and how we surf due to conditions and location. WaveJet’s PWP is really amazing, it is an assist system that allows you to catch more waves and get extra speed thru sections. It gives you the energy you need to paddle distances. Think of PWP as a power pack for your ride.”

-PWCs banned and it’s too big to paddle at Mavs or Ghost Trees…enter the Wavejet.
-Don’t have a boat, but want to surf Hollister Ranch…enter the WaveJet.
-Tired of grovelling for two hours without ever seeing a clean section…enter WaveJet
-Busted your arm, but need surf to stay sane…get a Wavejet!

So, if you’re prone to jump on the hater bandwagon, remember what Laird said about SUPs, “A kook on a shortboard is a kook on a SUP, surfers who respect the rules of the road shouldn’t get heckled if they’re being safe and courteous.”

Founder/Inventor Mike Railey of Del Mar Ca, breaks it down down:

Q. What is the technology that WaveJet is built on?
A. Patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) technology invented in the US is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind system. It’s a clean, quiet, battery-powered miniature jet drive that can be plugged into any WaveJet-ready personal watercraft, including surfboards, standup paddle boards, kayaks, inflatable’s, belly boards, DPVs and operated with a wireless controller (wrist).
Q. How fast is a WaveJet?
A. Manufacturers will be able to offer boards that run about an hour and fifteen minutes and those pods will have a top speed of about 6 mph. There is also a higher performance pod with a top speed of 10 mph that will have a run time of about 40 minutes.
Q. How much does a WaveJet weigh?
A. A WaveJet pod will add about 14 lbs to a surfboard. Surfers that are testing WaveJet powered boards say they love the additional control and balance they get from the additional weight. If you think about it, boards float on water, so once you put 20 lbs of thrust in a board, weight becomes your friend and the WaveJet becomes your jet powered assist.
Q. How does a rider control the board?
A. We put leading edge wireless technology developed by WFS Defense into an oversized wrist control. The system is very unique because the signal must travel under water. If you fall off your board the WaveJet powers off.

At $3,500 per board, we wont see packs of Wavejets filling the line-ups right away, but you can bet we’ll see surf pioneers around the world using Wavejet technology. Look out for the first line of Wavejets from Walden Surfboards mid September.

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See more Wavejet videos here

Whats your opinion of the WaveJet? (Remember Laird’s words)

New at SWELL: Salt Swimwear!

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Proof that all that’s sweet isn’t sugar: Salt Swimwear.

New at SWELL, Salt’s take on a ‘string bikini’ is giving us a reason to start embracing tan lines. Made from the highest quality fabric, these suits fit like a glove, without digging in even a millimeter (and we like that, lots).

What do the girls at SWELL love about Salt? Salt’s flirty cuts are somehow amazingly flattering…so you don’t have to be a SI swim model to rock them!

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Saxx: It’s For Your Own Good(s)

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Ah, finally, an underwear that delivers the full package (bada-bing!).
New at SWELL, Saxx is redefining comfort. These are no ordinary manties, mind you. After days of toiling over the design of a better underwear on his Alaskan fishing trip (so you know they’re rugged), the creator of Saxx pioneered the Ergonomic Comfort Pouch: a boxer brief with two parallel nylon/spandex mesh panels that offer a barrier between a man’s package and inner thigh. And on the seventh day- he was finally at rest.

Go ahead, get some Saxx…it’s for your own good (scratch that, goods).

As Garth Algar would say, “It’s like a new pair of underwear. At first it’s constrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you.”

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