Swell at the Miami Swimwear Show!

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Sneak Peak at Spring 2012 Swimwear Trends….

We just got back from the Miami Swim Show, and there were some very exciting trends and new brands we are in love with! Associate buyer Hillary and I met with countless brands, attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and of course soaked up the sun in South Beach. Here are our top 5 favorite finds for the upcoming season:

1. Lingerie-inspired corset tops
2. Crochet
3. 50’s inspired high waisted bottoms
4. Fringe, fringe, and more fringe
5. Brazilian cut cheeky bottoms, the skimpier the better

Take a look at what we saw on our whirlwind week of swimwear fashion:


(Above)Tori Praver with Model

More pictures and video after the jump!

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Billabong Pro J-Bay -Round 2 Complete & Swell Employee Challenge

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The Billabong Pro Jefferys Bay just finished the first elimination round, and the approaching swell should bring classic J-Bay conditions for the closing rounds. Defending contest champion and South African favorite Jordy Smith lived up to the hype in his first round heat. He smoothly comboed airs into multi-manuver scores on less than performance enhancing waves.

Billabong has provided an awesome webcast with the always entertaining Mark Occilupo, Ronnie Blakey, and Joel Turpel. Even during lay days they produce a funny and informing morning show that lays out the Surfline swell forecast and interviews the boys. Click the banner for the videos and forecasts:


The goofy footers are frothing for the swell to even the playing-field against the regular footers. Watch the heats on demand to catch up on the action, and catch the live feed that usually starts around 11pm PST. But don’t stay up all night tweeting about your fantasy team, and drag your feet at work the next day.
With little to no surf in the first week of competition, many thought Kelly Slater would make a dramatic appearance just in time for his round 2 heat. But he and Bobby Martinez no-showed leaving Fantasy Surfer teams in disarray. The Swell office fantasy contest remains close as three players advanced at least 5 surfers into round 5, except for Billy who banked on Kelly pully a mysto-arrival.

This contest loser has to endure a firing squad of burritos, meaning we all get to huck a burrito at his face with any projection device of our choosing. Billy endured 24 hrs wearing a bike lock around his neck, and it looks like he’s headed to bean town this time.

Here’s the SWELL teams and strategies:
jbay-morgan Morgan’s Strategy: “The gnarlier looking the brazilian the better he surfs”

jbay-dave Dave’s Strategy: “Youth over experience…sorry Bill”

jbay-nutt Michael’s Strategy: “If he dated either of the Miller sisters he’s in the title race”

Bill’s Strategy: “Kelly is going to jump out of a helicopter mid heat and steal this thing”

The Punishment

The Punishment

Vans x Captain Fin Collaboration Collection

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Holy Ship! Now you can drop style and anchor with the new Vans x Captain Fin Co. collection. The special edition Vans Captain Fin SRPLS and Del Norte feature art, detailing and colors, created in collaboration with team riders/artists Andrew Doheny and Alex Knost.

Check out the collaboration styles HERE


Art in the Streets at the MOCA – Visual Crack for your Eyes

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Street art is punk as hell. It grew up on crushed beer cans and gritty street corners. It’s a backyard pool, a railroad car or an abandoned building. It’s an album cover, a painted surfboard or a strange sculpture. Street art is so many things that it seems impossible to fit into one all-encompassing exhibit, but somehow this is exactly what they did at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. 50 street artists from around the world contributed to this massive display that is the first major survey of Street Art and Graffiti in the United States.

The result is a Disneyland-esque acid trip. Whole street corners and alleys were built. A mini indoor skate park sits at the front. Strange lights, colors, & sounds are spread throughout every corner. It’s as if Stanley Kubrick and Gaspar Noe wrestled the inside of the building and won. Somehow it all came together. The skateboarders, the artists, the gangsters, the punks, the surfers, the cholos, the rappers, the intellectuals all had this one thing tying them together: Street Art. It’s art for the sake of art. No dollar signs, no profit, just pure self-expression.

Go check it out you won’t be disappointed.

The exhibit is free on Mondays, compliments of renowned street artist Banksy. His words, “I don’t think you should have to pay to look at graffiti. You should only pay if you want to get rid of it,”

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
04.17.11 – 08.08.11