Body Surfing – POV Footage with the Contour GPS and GoPro HD

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Here’s a short reel I put together from this past weekend. The water was warm, surf was pumping and the sun was out. Couldn’t ask for more really. My brother and I decided to mount the GoPro / Contour on wooden dowels and record some womping at a local reefbreak. Once the black ball went up we shed our boards, grabbed our stakes, and paddled out awkward as hell with our makeshift contraptions. Aside from nearly knocking out our teeth and shattering our cameras on the rocks, my brother and I were able to score some shaky, but one of a kind footage.

body surfing
Overall the Contour shots turned out much better and so 95% of the video is from the Contour GPS. However all the pics including the one above were taken from the GoPro HD Hero.
Contour Body Surfing Mount
Wooden dowel, zip ties, and a leash from my dive light.

underwater pov
Duck dive

Wanted to take our cameras to some of the more legendary local shore pound breaks, but didn’t want to impale some helpless tourist with a splintery dowel. Bottom line the beach was crowded and we were lazy. Next time well have to take em out early morning hopefully for some brian conley-esque footy minus any collisions. Stay tuned…


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Top Trend: Cat Eye Sunglasses

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What do Wendy Peffercorn and your mom have in common? They both knew their stuff when it comes to sunglasses. Now it’s your chance to view the world through cat eye lenses. Cat eye sunglasses are back from the 50’s, and looking as fun as ever. Simply put, we all think these retro sunglasses are the cat’s meow. Check out our favorite cat eye sunlgasses, then leave a comment and let us know what you think! Any favorites?

Added bonus…aside from Halle Barry in her cat woman suit, cat eye sunglasses are at the top of the list of what tigers dream of.


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Mom Was Right About Sunscreen (Okay, and maybe some other stuff too)

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Dear 16 year old me,
Don’t worry too much about the outfit you are going to wear; you’ll look back and say “How awful! How did I EVER wear that!” Try and have as much fun as you can because, as much as it sucks to admit, mom was right about being an adult. And she was right about wearing sunscreen as well. And hey! Just because it says SPF 4 doesn’t mean it counts as protection!

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