Style Inspiration: Amelia Earhart

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A pioneer of in aviation and avant-garde, Amelia Earhart’s style defined the beginning of the radical trend towards menswear cuts, fabrics and silhouettes. In celebration of her uniquely free style, and of the release of the Hollywood film Amelia (played by Hillary Swank), we’ve decided to highlight some of her essential pieces that are reemerging this season: leather jackets, bombers, tailored pants, leather riding boots and aviators…topped with a signature feminine scarf for the full effect. For a look that’ll fly today? Give her menswear-heavy style a modern twist by swapping tailored pants for a feminine skinny pant tucked into leather boots and trade the silk neckerchief for an updated cotton scarf. Dive-bomb into these fundamental pieces for a truly unique look that pays homage to Amelia’s progressive persona.

Featured styles:
Fox Skyer Jacket
Ugg Classic Leather Bomber Boot
VonZipper Fernstein Aviators
Roxy Droplet Scarf

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Twilight is Setting…the Plaid Trend

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twilight Photos / Popsugar

The trend watchers at Swell have noticed the Twilight cast shining some serious light on the plaid trend lately. Ready to join the dark side? Check out Swell for the most up-to-date and unique plaids. 

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Behind The Scenes: Element Eden Photoshoot

September 18th, 2009 | By | 729 Comments

Element Eden FALL09 Collection Preview from ELEMENT EDEN on Vimeo.

Watch the Element Eden Collection come to life as you watch this behind the scenes sneak peak at Element’s Fall photoshoot.

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From Fans With Love…

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This photoshop masterpiece is compliments of our Facebook Flannel Freebie winner, Jeff Valdez. Thanks for the Friday morning laughs Jeff…


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