Yes, You Do Need One: Surf Tees

May 19th, 2011 | By | 1,139 Comments

Not really a fan of looking like an Italian club owner, but don’t enjoy sporting a nice shade of tourist red either? We know, life is full of these difficult choices. Well, fret not our fair-skinned friends. Introducing a tee that fits, you know, like a tee, but protects like a rashguard. Hence forth, may your skin be saved, your sessions be long, and your face be saved from “tightie whities” (aka- skin-tight white rashguard syndrome).

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Billabong Pro Rio Update – Swell’s Fantasy Surfer Challenge

May 18th, 2011 | By | 2,054 Comments

The 2011 Billabong Pro Rio started the elimination rounds this morning. Yesterday’s bumpy yet powerful surf made the boys hone their skills in to knock off the host of local Brazilians who grew up surfing the slop.

Despite the Brazilians all but sweeping the field at lowers, only defending champ Jadson Andre won his 1st rd heat, while the rest of his countrymen battle it out in the elimination rd today. The surf forecast calls for conditions to clean up, with sustained pulses of south. The swell and the waiting period end soon, so expect tons of action in the next couple days.

As for the SWELL office challenge, round two in Rio may decide who wears a bike-lock around their neck for an entire work day and a surf session.

Here’s the Fantasy Surfer teams around the Swell office.
Morgan’s Approach: “If it doesnt kill you, it makes you stronger, but walking around in Rio…that will kill you”

Bill’s Approach: “One lucky pump could change a surfer’s life…kinda how I was convinced”
Dave’s Approach: “T.Knox is makin the final. No more poop stance, slob airs and fist pumping ”

Michael’s Approach: “If I have to wear a bike lock around my neck, everybody will suffer with me”

Watch Billy pay the piper for losing the challenge for the last event at Bell’s Beach. This time the loser wears a bike lock around their neck, that video should be classic.
Stay tuned.

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All A-board the Downhill Skateboarding Tour – Louis Pilloni & Sector Nine

May 17th, 2011 | By | 3,331 Comments

Check out this classic footage of Sector Nine team rider Louis Pilloni acting as your personal tour guide down a winding back-country California road. He gives his lesson with such composure you’d think he was pitching you sham-wow’s on daytime television –not flying down a gravely slope with only a tee shirt between his skin and the asphalt. How does Louis makes it down this crater filled hill worry free from his flesh getting turned into gouda on a grater? Well my friends, it’s because Mr. Pilloni is sporting the latest and greatest shred worthy gear from the boys over at Sector 9. So take some notes, grab yourself some sliding gloves, a safely helmet and one of Sector’s downhill vehicles and you’ll be ready to hitchhike up to your closest summit with the greatest of confidence.

Also make sure to get your S9 gear quick before their free DVD offer runs out! While supplies last buy anything Sector and get the Nine Lives: First Try DVD free with your purchase. This DVD is not available in stores and features nearly an hour and a half of surf, street/slope skate, and skulduggery…


Product Showcase – CONTOUR GPS & 1080p – POV Cam Revolution!

May 16th, 2011 | By | 2,579 Comments

New to the SWELL line up are the Countour GPS and the Contour HD 1080p. These two palm-sized HD cameras boast crystal clear footage and enough features that’d even make James Bond jealous. So come along and check out what these two cameras have to offer.
Contour 1080p and GOS cameras