Blackout Bill’s Band of the Week – The Mantles

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The Mantles are a contemporary pop/psych concoction from San Francisco. This San Franciscan four-piece are a zany group of longtime friends that really know how to create some sharp, garage-minded jangle pop in a groovy sort of way. Their unique sound encapsulates both the late 50’s countrified rock ‘n roll as well as the paranoiac side of the 60’s & 70’s psychedelic fuzz.

The band members’ paths crisscrossed in unlikely, but seemingly inevitable ways. All longtime Bay Area residents, The Mantles have formed a groove-furnished group that is spearheading the current San Francisco psych renaissance.

When Kevin J. Elliot of The Agit Reader asked The Mantles “How did you guys get started,” the drummer, Virginia Weatherby, responded- “I lost my job and was advised to find a couple of “shitbags” to help me kill time. Enter Michael (Michael Olivares- the band’s vocalist & guitarist), who was impressed that I lived in a house in San Francisco with a garage that you could practice in. He convinced me to jam even though I had never really played drums before. With some 40s in hand, Michael lured his high school buddy Jermaine to come play bass and the three of us spent the summer playing music as an excuse to drink during the day and not feel guilty.”

The bassist for the band, Matt R, described how the came together about by stating “I saw this incarnation of the band and asked to put out a single. I goaded Drew C (the band’s lead guitarist) into letting me co-produce the record in his garage. Slowly Drew seeped into the band and I wasn’t too far behind, as I was the only bass player shitty enough to get in the ballpark of Jermaine after he decided to leave.”

The Mantles are amidst a great sound that is currently going on in the SF music scene. The reason I dig them so much is the fact that they aren’t pushing out quantity but rather taking time to press the best.

This quality sound that The Mantles exude fills me with jittery exuberance and makes me wanna boogie. Whether or not yer day-tripping or just plain ol’ tripping out enjoi this breeze-kissed, pop nugget “Don’t Lie” off of their latest album titled “The Mantles.”



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Interview: Heal Japan’s Founder Chris Walthall

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An interview with Heal Japan’s founder Chris Walthall, to find out more about Heal Japan, and how your donation money will to REAL people affected by the recent disasters…

SWELL: What is Heal Japan?
Chris: Heal Japan is an organization dedicated to benefiting the victims of the recent disasters that have taken place in Japan. Our goal is to collect $50,000 by the end of June. Funds will be delivered IN PERSON as soon as it is safe to do so.

SWELL: How did you come up with the idea to put something like this together?
Chris: The idea came to me at work actually! I was speaking to a client and out of nowhere all these ideas just came to me. After I got off the phone I started drawing shirts designs and a game plan for how I wanted the organization to function. I wanted to be the one held accountable for where the money went. If I could go and speak with people about the cause and “put a face to the name” that they were familiar with, I knew it would be effective. With so many people in this unimaginable situation, I just had to do something. So many people are willing to be a part of making positive changes in and around our community. I decided it was time to do my part. I called a close friend of mine and asked to go to lunch. We got together at a restaurant that same day and threw a bunch of ideas around. Right then and there he dedicated some funds to have wristbands and t-shirts made in exchange for donation. Without the help of my incredible friends who have done so much to make this happen, it just would not have been possible.

SWELL: When exactly do you plan on going to Japan? And do you have a charity in mind that you would like the money to go to?
Chris: As of now we’re thinking it will be close to a year before it is safe to go there ourselves. It’s just unreal how much damage the affected areas have sustained. It’s likely that it will be close to a year before we can go in person.
Our plan is to go to Japan and deliver the funds to charity ourselves. We want to make certain that the money goes to REAL people affected by the recent disasters. We are in the works of selecting a like-minded organization that will work closely with us in completing our goals. We are also very open to speaking with others and hearing new ideas in order to be as effective as possible.

SWELL: Why Japan? There are so many horrible things that could use benefit, what made you choose Japan? (Not saying it isn’t a mighty fine choice!)
Chris: When I really think about it, it was all about the timing. Around the same time as the earthquake and tsunami, my father was hospitalized. It was one of the most difficult situations I’ve ever been in. It’s so frightening to see a parent fighting for their lives. You think your dad is a super hero, but in reality we are all human. You don’t really know what it’slike until it happens. By the grace of God he’s still alive and making a smooth recovery. I took a step back and thought about the situation. That was my own personal earthquake and tsunami. If I thought what I had to deal with was hard, the people of Japan are facing some exponentially more difficult. We cannot even fathom what their situation is like. It’s on my heart to help, so I’m going to.

SWELL: Is there anything else you would like to add to this lovely Q & A that you think our readers show know?
Chris: I’d like to thank everyone who has helped make this possible: John Cohen, David Vanderveen, Ryah Arthur, Clarke Brogger, Dylan Fait, Steven Chew, and Chanel Sonego. The list goes on and on. Basically all of my friends and family. You know who you are. I’m just so blessed to have these people around me. It’s unreal.
Please check out our website HEALJAPAN.ORG, join our Facebook group and invite your friends, and do whatever you can to help spread the word. No matter how big or small your efforts, ALL of it makes a difference. God Bless! -CHRIS

Breaking News: Cute Girls (& Bikinis) Help Heal Japan

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Join SWELL, babes and bikinis to help Heal Japan. This Saturday, May 7th, SWELL will be sponsoring the Heal Japan swimwear show in beautiful Laguna Beach, California at the Blue Laguna Restaurant & Lounge. The show will feature SWELL’s newest swim lines to hit the site, plus a few sneak peak styles to be available later this month! Bikini-clad babes will be struttin’ in Eberjey, Salt Swimwear and Luli Fama (to name a few). A percentage of profits will be donated to, a non-profit organization determined to raise funds to bring to Japan in person and give to the people of Japan that have been and are continued to be affected by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami. Heal Japan was started by Laguna Beach local Chris Walthall and professional surfer (and swell model) Ryah Arthur.

Come back later today for a Q&A with Chris!! Anyone can come to the show (anyone 21+ that is), so you should definitely be there! It’s only a $5 entrance fee and the towels drop at 10:30pm. See you there!

Water Spouts & Flash Floods Slam into Honolulu

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May 2, 2011 – Violent weather hit the Ala Moana Harbor causing heavy rain, hail, severe lightning, and dual water-spouts. After hours of this activity, 60,000 Honolulu area residents were left without power, while fire-crews responded to dozens of flooding reports. As far as we know there were no injuries.
dual spouts
These photos were taken by a friend of SWELL as the dual water-spouts enter the Ala Moana Harbor.

If these water-spouts reach land they are considered tornadoes. Notice the airplane in the background. Could you imagine if it was carrying passengers escaping the destruction of tornado alley!? Scary sight.
plane spout