Who Wears Short (Board)Shorts?

June 11th, 2011 | By | 3,403 Comments

Usually, I’m a sans-boardshorts kinda gal. But when the waves get big, you’re faced two options:

(1) Take the time to pull up your bikini bottoms and get pummeled by the next wave, or (2) keep paddling out and expose the elusive ‘white-dolphin’ to the beach for the entire set. So before this summer, the options were indecent exposure ops, or white tan lines to your knees. Thanks to a few surf companies finally realizing our dilemma, we now have the choice sport cute, girl-length, short boardshorts.


My top picks:
RVCA Block Stripe Boardshort
Billabong Nolan Boardshort
RVCA Better Stripe Boardshort

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Top 10 Gifts for Dads Who Surf

June 10th, 2011 | By | 2,090 Comments

Want to be Dad’s favorite this year, but still can’t think of something to get for Father’s Day? Fret not. Here’s a list of no-fail gifts, guaranteed to keep pops from kicking your 31 year-old self out of the house for at least another few months. (FYI- meatloaf didn’t make the list)

1. A classic surf tee
He probably has a closet full of ‘em, but think of the Dad as the Imelda Marcos of surf tees.

2. A ‘Casual Friday’ shirt
Our rule of thumb on this one: Would you paint a baby’s room in the same color? Then it’s good to go. Shop more aloha shirts.

3. Go Pro Water Video Camera
Pre-record an “I love dad” video- save it for when the cops call him about noise complaints coming from his house while he’s on vacation. If he already has a GoPro, opt for the GoPro Bobber – a personal flotation device for his camera.

4. Multi-Function Beach Gear
A cooler and beach chair all in one. Dad would be so proud of what a resourceful, young, beer-respecting human you’ve become. Heck, it could even be a wetsuit bucket or suitcase (according to this guide to cooler packing).

5. Surf Grass
Dads love surf-related gear, moms love clean cars. It’s a win-win in our book.


Top Trend: Sheer Chiffon

June 9th, 2011 | By | 2,748 Comments

Swell June Girls Catalog Cover
Swell’s girls buyer, Hannah, talks about one of this season’s top trends: Sheer tops and chiffon dresses…
I love sheer dresses and tops for Summer. During our styling sessions, Michelle (our stylist) and I couldn’t get enough of draping delicate chiffons and crochet lace dresses over bikinis. Flip through the Swell Late Summer Catalog- you can’t miss the trend!
Why chiffon is at the top of your summer trends list: a subtle hint of sheer sexiness, mixed with a loose, flowy, bohemian vibe, makes the chiffon tunic the perfect beach cover up. Lucky for you (okay, and us again), we’ve stocked up on tons of styles in unique prints and tunics colors.
Our top sheer picks? (1) The Indah Kamani Dress, (2) the MinkPink Devonshire Lace Kaftan Dress, and (3) the
Swell Pansy Top.
I can’t wait to wear mine to the beach this weekend.

- Hannah
About the Author: If buying girl’s apparel were anything like garage sale shopping, Hannah would be the one knocking at your door at 5am, trying to score the best picks. Spot this dog surfing enthusiast with a longboard and lifejacket-ed Golden Retriever.

Billabong & Hurley to Host The Australian Open of Surfing 2012

June 8th, 2011 | By | 4,577 Comments

In a “world first” collaboration between Billabong and Hurley, the two action sports giants announced they’ve partnered up to bring an ASP championship surfing event to Manly Beach, Australia. As an extension of the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach (the world’s largest action sports festival), organizers expect to attract over 125,000 people to come witness the world’s best in surfing, skate, music, fashion and art.

Manly Beach was the site of the first World Surfing Championships in 1964, the same year that surfwax was invented. The region of New South Wales hopes to generate $6 million dollars for their economy and re-establish Manly Beach as a world class surfing mecca.

US Open of Surfing in HB (top) Site of AUS Open of Surfing Manly Beach (Bottom)

US Open of Surfing in HB (top) Site of AUS Open of Surfing Manly Beach (Bottom)

Local surf icons like Occy, Rabbit, and Fanning were very outspoken in support of event during today’s ASP press conference.

The partnership between competing brands came to the surprise of many, but the Billabong’s expansive retail chains have long supported the Hurley brand. Both companies have long supported the evolution of the sport or surfing. Billabong will move their World Junior Title from Narabeen to Manly, combining the exploding junior scene with the stadium setting of this world class action sports showcase. “The ASP World Junior Championships provides a window into the future of surfing and by wrapping the season-deciding event into the broader Australian Open of Surfing, we now provide the competitors with an incredible opportunity to showcase their talents,” Derek O’Neill, Billabong International CEO.

Derek O'Neill, Mick Fanning & Bob Hurley © ASP / Dunbar

Derek O'Neill, Mick Fanning & Bob Hurley © ASP / Dunbar

The event, set to take place at Sydney’s iconic Manly Beach February 11 – 19, 2012. Surfline describes the Manly Beach area as “The Bondi of the northern beaches – crowded with tourists, filled with the stench of stale fish and chips, crowded bars that get violent after midnight and bursting with retail shopping, including several massive surf emporiums. Manly is the first beach you’ll come to when you cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

“Who’d think it has beachbreaks that get epic and a series of points at the southern end that can hold 12-foot barrels?” -Derek Rielly

AUSTRALIAN OPEN OF SURFING (February 11 – 19, 2010)
- Men’s ASP 6 star – $250,000
- Women’s ASP 6 star – $80,000
- Australian Open Men’s World Juniors – $75,000
- Australian Open Women’s World Junior – $20,000