Movember Week 4: One MO Week of Supporting in Style

November 25th, 2011 | By | 2,870 Comments

We’re in the last week of the mo-grow and we’re blown away by the supportive showing of facial fur. The full spectrum of staches canvassed SWELL’s facebook wall, and we’ve kept good on donating $1 to the Movember fund, but we’re ready to give ALOT more. You can still post staches, faux-mos, or finger staches on SWELL’s wall until the end of the month. Sanuk donated a pair of shoes, and SWELL has great prizes for the Mo with the MOst likes in our Movember album. Check out the 125+ Mo’s.

These bushy brooms are back in style, and many of the boys are hanging up the razor for the holidays. Celebs, surfers, and everyday gentlemen have embraced this look that gives any dude an extra dose of danger that everyone fears and endears.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a few staches that have really “grown” on us this Movember:
Movember Staches

Even competitors at the Triple Crown of Surfing on the North Shore of Hawaii have grown Mos to support mens health, and perhaps to intimidate the opposition. We are proud of our partners in the surf industry who dedicate their energy to this great cause. These brands have given MO money and really wave the flag for Movember, so supporting them gives you good karma (and awesome stlye Volcom, Electric, Sector 9, AMBSN, VonZipper

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Black Friday Deals at SWELL!

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Happy Black Friday!
A little Black Friday Deal action to cure your turkey hangover…

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How to Choose a Wetsuit – 2011 Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide

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Shopping for a wetsuit is a lot like shopping for a car. Different cars will be best for different folks. So with that in mind, Like a car finding the “BEST” wetsuit is very subjective and ultimately up to you. Fortunately enough there are a lot of great wetsuits out there so it is hard to go wrong. Wetsuits have progressed a lot from their beaver tail days and finding the right suit is easier than you think.

Most companies come with three or four different levels of suits. You’ll get your high end or Ferrari-Lambo type suits, your midrange or SUV-luxury sedan type suits, and then your entry level or economy type wetsuits. Choosing the right one for you will depend on several factors, which I’ll try to explain below.

Entry level wetsuits: ($150 – $250)

New drivers might drive better (or faster) in a brand new luxury racecar, but it’s often best to start them off in an entry level vehicle. Much like cars, entry level wetsuits are better for those who are either new to the sport or looking for the most economic option. While these suits will not offer the same flexibility, comfort, or performance as the top of the line models, they will get the job done and give the user an idea of the fit and of the other features they’ll want in a future wetsuit.

Here are some examples of the entry level suits:

Billabong Foil Series:
For the price this wetsuit is a steal. Features super stretch throughout, glued and blind-stitched seams and comes in a chest zip option

Click Here To View Billabong’s Foil Line
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Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Series:
Good entry level suits at a good price. Reliable and affordable.


New at SWELL: the Quiksilver Watermans Collection Presenting a collection from Quiksilver, inspired by the icons

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New at SWELL: the Quiksilver Waterman Collection
Inspired by true watermen, surfing icons, and pioneers of the sport, the collection aims to bring back the inherent quality of classics. Forgoing any trace of frivolous trim, the focus remains on solid essentials and a utilitarian aesthetic.

(featured: Quiksilver Waterman windbreaker, Quiksilver Waterman sweater, Quiksilver Waterman sweatpants)

Advocates of the collection include some of the most respected big wave riders, open water paddlers, world champions and legendary watermen- including: Mark Healey, Jamie Mitchell, Bobby Nash, Kelly Slater, Titus Kinimaka, and more of the world’s greatest.

Click to View: the Quiksilver Waterman Collection