Caption Contest: RVCA Tee

December 29th, 2011 | By | 2,391 Comments

To celebrate some fresh arrivals from RVCA making their way to the SWELL site, we’re holding a good ol’ fashioned caption contest. So do what you need to do to get all creative and such, eat some Funyuns, then get to captioning this funny RVCA tee. In that order preferably.

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A few of our favorites do far…

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Win it Wednesday: Spitfire Designs

December 28th, 2011 | By | 5,997 Comments

Win It Wednesday at SWELL means we’re giving away our favorite products of the week. Our customers demand the best, so we hand pick some swag from a top ranked company to reward fan loyalty on Facebook.

Here’s how you can edge out fellow fans every week to claim the weekly sweeps.
1. Keep an eye out for the Tuesday Teaser on SWELL’s Youtube channel. This way you can start thinking of clever taglines to post on our wall which increases your chances to win.

2. Become a fan of SWELL.
3. When we announce it, sign up on the said link.
4. Refer friends to sign up. For ever refered friend that sign up, you get 5 extra entries fro yourself.
5. Tell us why you should win (odd humor encouraged)
6. If you don’t win, don’t worry. SWELL gives out freebies all the time, including a $25 giftcard for our “Fan of the Week” so keep those witty comments coming.

This week we picked the retro tools of the trade that Spitfire designed with a futuristic twist.
1. Spitfire’s retro cassette mp3 player.
This throwback beat box looks like something outta Saved By the Bell, but carries a GB of MP3. That right, it doesn’t really play tapes, but makes the perfect gym companion or 80s party favor. It even comes with headphones. A $70 values, available at SWELL.

2. The Spitfire R4 Headphones
Put some flare on your hair with these colorful earpieces. You won’t hear compliments over the top quality sound bumping these hip headphones. Spitfire Headphones Valued at $30.

3. Spitfire Retro Sunglasses
Spitfire shades are the best band for your buck in eye-wear. They took timeless retro styles like wayfarers and aviators, then threw in futuristic detailing. Live it up in these fun sunnies for under $40.

Win It Wednesday Spitfire Design

Bring Back the Fun. 5 Fun Things to Try Over Winter Break

December 27th, 2011 | By | 6,404 Comments

In the spirit of bringing back the fun, we’ve brainstormed a few ideas to curb the holiday hangover.
Top 5 Things To Do During Your Holiday Break…

1. Watch a Surf Film…in 3D
For the price of one 3D movie ticket, you can own the 3D Transworld Surf Flick, Surprise Excitement Party!
Bonus? No sneaking in smuggled corn and tall cans required.

2. Make Your Own 3D Movies
Been there, done that? We’re calling your bluff Mr. One-Upper. Film your work-free week with all the shred sessions, underwater adventures and blackmail footage you can find…in 3D! What you’ll need- a GoPro Hero Camera, a friend with a GoPro, and the GoPro 3D Hero System


3. Try Downhill Skateboarding
Just don’t skimp on the helmet and gloves- your ER bill will make up for any savings in no time.

4. Shape a Surfboard
If time is on your side, but your bank account is most-certainly not, check out out this How-To Shape a Surfboard DVD by John Carper

5. Extend the Ugly Sweater Tradition
It’d be a shame to hide that knit warlock in your closet for another 364 days…bring back the fun and extend the tradition through the new year.

RIP Sean Collins – Surfline Chief Forecaster Passes Away at Age 59

December 27th, 2011 | By | 9,068 Comments

We would like to thank Sean Collins for all of his contributions to the sport of surfing. He is a legend and will be greatly missed. SWELL sends our best to his family, friends and coworkers at Surfline.