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A Week of Work by Ozzie Wrong


“Ozzie”, “Oska”, “Oz”, Oscar Billy Pippen Wright is surfer’s favorite goon. The artist, musician, film-maker; a winged manimal on a mission. Hailing from the Land Down Under, Sydney Australia to be exact, he has been riding for Volcom for ten years now. In that time he has also grown into an art juggernaut turning out beautifully spastic and distinctively raw pieces. He claims his latest line took him a whole week hunkered down in his goon studio. Check out the Acid inspired, Anti-Bad Vibe Shield, and all Ozzie’s styles at SWELL.


Some of you may also know him simply as “Fang Fight Right the Wizard of Death” lead crooner of the wildly popular super-teen group “The Goons of Doom”. With his band mates, Cut-Throat Cowboy, Vaughan Dead and Killer Whale having conquered the land behind the Orange Curtain they have since played Tokyo, Hollywood and are hoping to go to New York this year. He is also the man behind the pen behind the zine that is “Dope Comics”. Ozzie’s bat-winged gypsy activities and talents are now on the wonderful world of Instagram, and we thank him for that. @OzzieWrong

ozzie3All his artistry came into one in his abstract surf flick Valley of Scum. Enjoy his awe inspiring aussie talents.

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