O’Neill Activewear Review Taking the O'Neill Soar Capri for a Test Run
January 1, 2013

As the New Year approaches and healthy resolutions are a-brewin’, most of us on on the lookout for this illusive thing called “motivation.” For me, that means turning to a fresh pair of streeeetchy pants. And, yes, that is how you say it. Take it from a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cardio-worthy cotton blends (trust me, I’ve tried nearly every brand out there). A fresh kit gives you a reason to get that first serious workout sesh in. For me, that reason is comprised of part wanting to prance around in my new fancy pants, and part looking forward to putting the new lycra blend to the test.
2013’s freshies…The O’Neill Soar Capri Pant.
Read on to see how the O’Neill 365 Collection performed on the test run…

The Test Run: O’Neill Yoga Pants (Soar Capri)
My expert opinion, in short: Weeeeeeee! Technically speaking of course. Looking for a few more specifics? Read on to see how they performed:

Test 1: The Trial
The all-important test: the try-on. These pants nailed it with a perfect fit and tons of flex. It’s the perfect balance of painted on, but not constricting. The only con – no waistband pocket for my bike key/credit card.

Test 2: The “Line”
The true “test run.” I took these for a spin around the hood – up and down the hills, and even added a few sprints in the mix. The result: no sweat (I mean “glisten”) lines in sight!

Test 3: The Stretch Test
For the final test, I took them out for a few hours of beach volleyball – meaning the pants had to withstand diving, digging and all-around sugar-cookie-ing in and around the court. This was really a two-part test: Part 1 being making sure they stay put during aforementioned sand play, and Part 2 being that they REMAIN opaque (a few “chair sits” at home will produce a similar test). The pants, they aced it! Best of all, the snug fit meant that I didn’t end up taking half the beach home with me.

In short, I’ll be scooping up a few more pairs of the O’Neill yoga pants before everyone catches on.

Have you tested out the O’Neill Active 365 Collection yet? Leave a comment below with your feedback!
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