On the Move Style Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.
June 11, 2013

One of my favorite travel experiences was a surf trip I took with my dad and sister along the Gold Coast of Australia. We traveled along the coast for two weeks in a camper looking for surf, adventures, and fun. One of the best things about traveling in a camper is the ability to go wherever the wind may take you. We discovered so many things that we would not have noticed had we simply flown right into our destination. From feeding kangaroos at the side of the road, to discovering perfect waves with no one in the water but us, to making new friends, and eating delicious acai bowls with locals, there is so much more life you can experience when you live on the move.

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With our modern world and travel conveniences people often miss out on the journey and simply arrive at their destination. While I do love a nice resort on the beach, there is something so invigorating about discovering a new land on your own. Although it is nice to have a place to call home, there is something very special and unique about always being on the move and living like wanderer, searching for the perfect waves and beaches. Although I would not always want to live a nomad lifestyle, it is fun for a season. And for years before first-class plane rides and all-inclusive resorts, the only way to travel was with a group of your closest family and friends by foot, boat, or cart. I love this kind of an adventure and what better way to channel my inner-gypsy than with a loose, flowing, floral print kimono? I love that this kimono is timeless and free, just like the horse-drawn carts, campers, airstream trailers and travelers that have filled them for many years. I also styled my kimono with my new favorite striped crop top. There is something so fun about throwing a crop top on over a bikini for a night of exploration and adventures after a long day in the surf and sun. Pairing my crop top with high-waisted denim shorts made for the perfect ensemble of style, comfort, and no worries; The very elements that comprise a nomadic, gypsy lifestyle.

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