It’s Here: the Nixon Blaster. Bigger, Better, Louder.
August 15, 2013

BLASTER_EBLAST_600x450.1 copy
The anticipation is over…the Nixon Blaster has arrived. New to the Nixon lineup, the portable Blaster speaker is lightweight, wire-free (Bluetooth), shock & water resistant, and lasts for a full 12 hours on one charge. Needless to say, it’s made to take your tunes on any adventure you can dream up. Read on for the top uses for surf, snow + street…

Top 5 Ways To Rock It:
1. Beach Tunes: The no-brainer. Put your phone/MP3 player in a plastic baggie, and use the Bluetooth for stress and sand-free sounds.
2. Portable Hands-Free Car Speaker.
3. Pet Entertainment: Put it under the couch, turn on a video of dogs barking, then giggle for hours as your dog tries to figure out where the sound is coming from. Feel free to use similar methods in co-workers’ cubicles, haunted houses, or Ouija board sessions.
4. Outdoor Speaker: Having a BBQ, but don’t have outdoor speakers? Listen to your music inside and out without having to crank up the volume inside. More sound, less chances of the cops showing up.
5. Instant Surround Sound, No Wires Required.

…and a few other ways to rock the Blaster…

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