“Nightstalker” Surfboard Fetches the largest Auction Price at Billabong’s OC Art of Shaping
August 17, 2010
Stewart's NightStalker Board and Viewing Window

Stewart's NightStalker Board and Viewing Window

For those of you wondering about Bill Stewart’s Nightstalker surfboard that we blogged about in an earlier post, it just so happens that this board was auctioned off for a whopping $5,250 at the Billabong OC Art of Shaping event! Out of the 22 different shapers featured at the event, Bill Stewart snagged the single highest bid with his innovative night surfing machine. The money went on to benefit the SIMA Humanitarian fund and Bill was given bragging rights for his unconventional creation. On his website Bill states that over 100 man hours went into designing the board, but overall the finished product preformed better than expected. A full R&D team of surfers helped test the board and develop the finished project.

The board features two 700 lumen headlamps mounted in the front and two additional fin lights in the rear to allow night surfing with ease. Bill mentioned that powering the lamps was his single greatest obstacle, but his team helped him test and perfect the finished product which features two water tight rechargeable batteries sealed within the board. The “viewing window” pictured above, allows the surfer to see into the water when paddling in the dark… although I’m sure thats the last thing you want to do when surfing at night.

If you missed out on the event you can check out the board glowing in all of its glory in the video below:

Untitled from Bill stewart on Vimeo.

Borrowed from Stewart’s website at http://www.stewartsurfboards.com/

A special thanks goes out to all the shapers who participated in the event as well as all of you who attended and showed your support!