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June 26, 2012
GoPro Hero 2

GoPro Hero 2

The GoPro is the must have gear item of the year. With crystal clear HD 1080p footage and a 170 degree wide angle lens it’s no wonder that this camera is the choice of both Kelly Slater and Shaun White. Whether you are using it to film the inside of a barrel or the backside of a mountain, the GoPro will let you re-live any experience like never before.  Once you get yourself this coveted device, there are heaps of essential accessories that will help you get the most out of your camera. Here are a few to check out:

Under Water Kinetics – GoPro Waterproof Storage Case:

GoPro Water Proof Storage Cases

So you dropped some serious coin on a GoPro. The last thing you want is it rolling around in your bag getting scratched up.

Now thanks to the Underwater Kinetics GoPro storage case, you can safely store your GoPro Hero or GoPro Hero 2 and all its accessories in one water-tight, secure location.  This box is sturdy and built to last. The deluxe version comes with dual density foam and extra ports for all your equipment, while the standard version gets the job done at a cheaper price point. No matter which one you get, both are crucial for extending the life of your camera.
GoPole the Bobber:

Go Pole the Bobber

The Bobber is a floatation device that doubles as a handle. Like the floaty backdoor the GoPole bobber can float the weight of your gopro, lcd back pack, 3d hero system or dive housing. It makes water filming easier and gives you that added insurance if you drop your camera. A must have axs for anyone filming at the beach.

The Guys at Catch Surf took out their Beaters and LOGs and scored this footage using their GoPro and Bobber.

LOG LIFE – PART 1 from Catch Surf on Vimeo.

GoPole the Original and Mini:

Go Pole Original and MiniThe GoPole adds a unique perspective to POV filming. Point it forward and hold it up to get a bird’s eye perspective or flip it back at yourself for the ultimate self-portrait shot. The clear hollow design is lightweight, floats your camera + lcd/battery back pac and it is less distracting when it’s in frame. Comes with a non-slip grip and wrist strap for steady filming in and out of the water.

Comes in a Original 36” and Mini 24” lengths.

Shot using the GoPole Original. Image C/o Go Pole.

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