New at SWELL: Minnetonka
July 3, 2011


Swell has finally launched Minnetonka, and I am in love with this awesome shoe brand. Authentic suede boots and moccasins are essential to any
boho-fashionista’s wardrobe. They pair great with MinkPink Slasher Denim shorts, Billabong Brooklyn leggings, or Angie One Shoulder Drop Tunic Dress. Plus, Minnetonkas can run through the woods without making a sound. How cool is that?!
Check out our favorite model and style icon Kate Moss rocking the Minnetonka Front Lace Hardsole Knee Hi Boot.

These shoes really makes your outfit feel so effortless and cool! How would you rock the moc?

hannahAbout the Author: If buying girl’s apparel were anything like garage sale shopping, Hannah would be the one knocking at your door at 5am, trying to score the best picks. Spot this dog surfing enthusiast with a longboard and lifejacket-ed Golden Retriever.