Festival Style: Weekend 2 Coachella Packing List
April 16, 2013

Let’s pretend, for a second, that you haven’t been thinking about what’s going to be in the contents of you Coachella travel bag for the past month (or more). But for the rest of us…the procrastinators, the boho style-aficionados, the “if only I were going” dreamers…here’s a sneak peek into what’s in my festival bag. Check back Friday for outfit #1, plus how you can WIN a piece from the bag every day this weekend!

Read on for the packing list…

SWIM: if nothing else, make sure this makes it in the bag. This insanely fun one piece doubles as a top. An added bonus – heart tan lines.
Pictured: Lolli Swim One Piece

TANKS: fun graphics are a plus.
Pictured: Billabong Tank

Pictured: Laundry Room Denim Cut-Off Short

SUNDRESS: you can count on the sun making an appearance, so pack a sun dress.
Pictured: Dolce Vita Skater Dress

BOOTS: sandals are great…until you decide that front and center is the place to be – at which time, they aren’t so great.
Pictured: Matiko Boot

SANDALS: (see note above)…for all other times, including pool time, of which you will be clocking in more than a few hours of.
Pictured: Steve Madden Studded Sandals

SOCKS: for the sake of your carpool buddies, please bring them. And wear them. These printed ones add a little extra flair.
Pictured: Richer Poorer Socks

HAT: when it comes to brims, the bigger the better for the desert sunshine.
Pictured: Lovely Bird Hat

BAG: a cross-body bag, small backpack or fanny pack is ideal. Anything else will bring down your moves, as well as impede your ability to push through to the front.
Pictured: Stela 9 Backpack

SHADES: you’ll be bummed if you forget them. I’m loving these sunnies from Quay…ultra festive. An added bonus – they’re only $40, so if you loose them, your weekend won’t be completely ruined (can’t say the same for your ensemble though).
Pictured: Quay Sunglasses

TRIMS: and lots of them!
Pictured: Vanessa Mooney, Serefina, Jen’s Pirate Booty, Low Luv, Nixon Watch

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