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Meet Your Maker | Tavik Men's Designer Mark Powell Talks Tavik Style, Parties, Surf & Workwear Inspo


Tell us why the slim pickens shirt is ideal for salty shapers and garage dwellers.

MP: Slim Pickens was inspired by the durable denim of our western heritage. Think gold-digging, sharp-shooting and the random bar-room brawl. This denim shirt protects you from itchy resin and foam dust while providing durable protection from any element. The material is rigid and provides good warmth while also providing years of reliable use. The pockets, designed in a traditional military fashion have various options to store drill bits, screws, small tools or anything else from your construction quiver. Maybe even a slim bottle opener for a frosty brew…

What design elements went into the shirt?

MP: This shirt ships already worn in and comfortable. It’s been sand-blasted, bleached, and washed so it’s protective, but not crispy. The garment is visibly natural and well-worn, so you won’t have to rock a kooky “first-day-of-school” look. The pockets have a military style layout, with top and bottom options for easy storage and access. For extra style, we designed a faux name placket, sewn on above the pocket, also enduring the wash process, but then removed for a ghostly look. We believe Slim Pickens is basically the best version of a traditional denim shirt. We can say that with confidence, as we made sure to keep the best parts of a heritage shirt, while also modernizing the piece to suit the modern beach culture’s needs.

Where do find the design inspo that sets Tavik styles apart from the pack?

MP: I get inspired by all sorts of random things that I bump into in daily life. The latest came when I was looking through some of my bills and saw a pretty sick pattern on the inside of the envelope. I started checking others and discovered all sorts of great prints, so our Holiday 2015 line is getting a sprinkling of envelope art.  I guess after all the money I’ve been paying out that its about time that they give me something back?


How would a fella complete the outfit around the Slim Pickens Shirt?

MP: You could always go traditional with a workwear look and pair it with some dark denim and boots. We consulted our on-hand Canadian and she assures us this will not count as a “Canadian tuxedo.” Get The Style

When you think of the Tavik lifestyle, where would a typical Saturday take us?

MP: Definitely start with some surf, this Saturday was AMAZING with the off shore winds. Perfect California day! We bring the girls so they can bronze away, and we all spend a few hours hanging and soaking in some rays after our session. Then head home to get ready for some nocturnal festivities, if we stay local we’ll end up at our friends new bar, Casa, as they have great music every night with a few pretty sick residencies.


Tell us about the perks of the new Tavik HQ?

MP: The number one perk is definitely our boy Chef Carlos – he serves up breakfast and lunch everyday, and always takes good care of us. His chicken burrito would blow your mind.


What did you wear to the most recent Tavik party?

MP: The last party was the What the Eff ( are you wearing ) event, and people get pretty creative with costumes. I’ve got a few more grays than the rest of the crew here, so I won’t be caught in some sort of spandex. I kept it classy and went for some Thurston Howell the 3rd vibes and wore a vintage Hawaiian shirt, a light blazer and boat shoes. You can never go wrong with a little aloha…

Your magic surfboard specs?

MP: I used to be really picky, and keep em in my cellphone, and just tweak things  a little with each new board. Then I got a Biscuit, that board blew my mind, with how much fun you could have in small surf. I started experimenting more and got a Whip, that shape is pretty much perfect for me, super fast but still turns on a dime. I say let your freak flag fly and get experimental as you can with shapes.

Favorite travel destination for design inspo? 

MP: If I had to pick one place to go to continuously it would be Japan. The culture there is so knowledgable and invested in creativity. Really good vibes, and I grew up outside of Tokyo for a couple of years so it is a bit of a time warp for me, and reminds me of my youth, jump ramps and air walks.


1 thing every designer should know…

MP: Maybe its too obvious but “how to dress”    

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