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Meet Your Maker | Jacob Byrne -Rhythm



jacob Byrne banana T#2CF91CWe went down under to find the man with the banana on his pants… Rhythm Designer Jacob Bryne. Here’s what he had to say about the  filthy beautiful styles coming out of Oz.

Tell us about this banana pant movement.

JB: We always try to have some fun in our collections as it is apart of our heritage and identity, the silhouette is a step forward from your standard track pant and the quirky banana print actually came from an artist Nick Chalmers.

What’s the fit of this new Aussie style?

JB: The Banana track pant is an elastic waist & cuffed pant with a 7/8 leg , allover sublimation print and clean chino style pockets.

What does an aspiring designer need to get on your level?

JB: Motivation and the love for designing, nothing that’s worthwhile is easy. I can’t really say how you exactly become a designer as every one has a different path.

Who is your favorite Rhythm team rider to party with?

JB: Jack lynch, Asher Pacey and Neal Purchase they are all great to share a few ales with.


Team Rider Asher Pacey Finding Some Design Inspo.

What’s the best part about working at Rhythm?

JB: We still believe in living the lifestyle we promote, which I think is very valuable.

Is there a massive Aus consipiracy to come to America and steal our women with your smooth talking accents?

JB: Haha maybe, we will never tell.

Favorite Beer?

JB: Coopers Pale ale.

What celeb would you be most psyched on to rock your styles?

JB: Probably Devendra Banhart

Whats the next crazy style trend coming out of AUS?

JB: There is a active / sport influenced style starting to move in with some crazy bold colours and panel work, it will be interesting to see how people interoperate this.

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