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Behind the Lens: Matt O’Brien Meet the Man Capturing the Lighter Side of the Laguna Beach Surf Scene


Where is your favorite kinda spot to shoot?
Matt: Funky waves are my favorite, slabs with siders preferable, they always create the best images.

Weirdest shit to happened on a shoot?
Matt: I always shoot fort point (under the GG bridge) and the first (only time) I shot from the water I got called out by a pack of kneeboarders wearing helmets. I didn’t even know people still kneeboarded…


Next travel Bender?
Matt: going to El Salvador in September, should be epic

Thoughts on the surf photog scene?
Matt: Super Competitive, everyone wants to be one now. Theres hundred of groms just in Laguna with gopro’s thinking they will be the next big thing, but who knows, maybe one of them will.


How do you propagate your photography with all that competition?
Matt: I update my website a lot, but i’m quite fond how instagram lets you share you work with others, but it also doesn’t let you show the full quality of your work which I feel is a big factor in viewing ones work. Follow Matt

Top 3 favorite photographers
Matt:  Morgan Maassen, Ray collins, and one outside of the surf industry, Jeff Wall.


Favorite Laguna grinds?
Matt:  Adolfo’s, first spot to go everytime I come home.

Favorite surfer to shoot
Matt:  Dane, you have to see him surf in person

What else can we expect to see from you in Summer, 2014?
Matt: lots of tubes!!

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