Mark Healey Capt. Ahab Electric Release Boat Party
March 30, 2012

It’s only fitting that Mark Healey threw his release party aboard a boat, and he even brought his spear-gun. A year after signing with Electric Visual, Mark Healey and Kip Arnett (Electric co-founder) finally developed a pair of sunglasses worthy for Healey’s maniacal missions for big waves and monster fish. He spends his life staring at the highly reflective ocean surface, so a pterygium or sun damaged eyes could jeopardize the pursuit of his love and livelihood.

PARTY TIME! A select crew Healey’s entourage, locals hotties and industry insiders met at Turk’s, the saltiest water-hole in all of Dana Point Harbor. The less than friendly bar staff was happy to see the semi sea-worth partiers leave port, and the three hour tour began. Living legends in attendance included Brian Toth, Justin Quirk, Bruce Beach, Stephen “Sly Dog” Chew, and Riffe owner Jay Riffe.

The combination of less than favorable weather and an open bar sent a few Electricians spewing over the rails, while the rest rocked out to the legendary “DJ Brothers from Another Mother”. A lucky shop grom won a Riffe speargun in the raffle, then it was on to Turks for hours of more rum infused fun.

The Captain Ahab template combines aviator shields with the frames of your classic wayfarers. Those two styles don’t traditionally block glare from the periphery, so Mark and Kip created a slightly spherical lens and frame contours to block all glare, without losing that classic look.

Mark is a classic down-to earth character. If you spot him in the street, don’t hesitate to give him a high-five. Get the shades here