3 REALLY Last-Minute Gift Ideas Gifts to Make In 10 Minutes Or Less
December 23, 2011

Oops- too much ‘nog lead to leaving someone off your gift list? Or perhaps a friend dropped by with an unexpected gift, and you don’t want to be the jerk that didn’t get them one?
Fret not. Here are a few gifts you can whip up in 10 minutes or less. Just excuse yourself to the little girls/boys room, and get to gifting…you soused little elf, you.

1. Surfrider Membership (time: 1 minute, 37 seconds, depending on quality and detail of card)
You’ll need:
– A computer or smart phone
– Paper
– Box of crayons

How to:
– Click Here: Surfrider Gift Membership
– Buy it (make sure to add the recipient’s info)
– Make a card, letting them know you’ve donated on their behalf

Read on for more REALLY Last-Minute Gifts…

2. SWELL Mod Podge Vase (time: 3 minutes + drying time)
You’ll need:
– SWELL Catalog
– Bottle
– glue or Modge Podge
– scissors
– paint brush
– a pair of hands
– hair dryer (depending on how long you have before you need to give the gift)

How to make it:
– go grab a booze bottle from the recycle bin. We’re guessing a procrastinator not unlike yourself has about 12 to 24 of these laying around at any given time. What made you forget to get a gift in the first place may save your ass in the end. The irony!
– Cut out your favorite pieces of the SWELL catalog (aka- the Reef Calendar page, Santa getting
– Glue catalog pieces on your bottle- top with an extra coat of glue
– Boom, Vase. If it’s still wet, and the recipient is in the other room, grab your hair dryer and get to work.

3. T-Shirt Scarf/Necklace (9 minutes)
You’ll need:
– An old tee (that’s both clean and side seam-free)
– Scissors (sharp ones)

How to make it:
– Starting at the hem of the tee, make horizontal 1″ strips of the tee (cut all the way through, front and back)- to make several 1″ rings. *Make sure the tee you are using does not have side seams!!
– Give each ring a little pull to stretch it out. Any imperfections in your cuts will curl under
– Use as many rings as you’d like. If the rings are large enough, double some over to make shorter rings (just make sure they’ll still fit over your head).
– Cut strip of the sleeves of the tee- not a rings this time, just a piece. Use it to tie the rings together. Hide the tie ends under the knot.
– That’s all. Feel free to play with the width/length/amount of the rings, use two tees to mix colors…you get the idea.