Kiwis Circumnavigate New Zealand in Small Rubber Boats
February 7, 2011

Here’s some news from the southern hemisphere. Six New Zealand surf lifeguards just completed the first ever circumnavigation of the country in two tiny inflatable rescue boats. This feat took 34 days and around 3,400 hours to complete leaving the guys pulverized and tired from the grueling 32 leg journey. Despite its relatively small size, New Zealand boasts more coastline than the continental United States and some of the most remote beaches in the world. The kiwis braved stormy conditions, raw Antarctic swells and in one instance a piece of debris which punctured and deflated one of the boats. With the coordinated effort of a land team and the support of Surf Life Saving New Zealand these crazy gents completed the trip in celebration of the 100th year of surf lifeguarding in NZ. And, as if to put David Hasselhoff further to shame, they even made an unexpected rescue at a remote beach during their trip.



(Green line is the path they took)