September 28, 2007


It’s getting harder and harder for lesbian vampires who fancy folk art, fashion and all things Tolkien to find like minded soul mates these days. But one (let’s face it: the ONLY) Leucadian art emporium is doing it’s best to rectify that. Well known among the under ground, Ducky Waddles is fighting the good fight to keep erotic art, extreme cultures, and alternative religions alive and kicking. From it’s impressive housing of graffiti art coffee table books, glass works, first edition OBEY posters, toys, collectibles, used books, international tattoo magazines, comic books, and a decent collection of early-American pornography, Duckie’s is everything the extreme right wing is afraid of. Coincidently, owners Jerry Waddle and Joyce Rooks are also credited for archiving one of the most extensive collections of early surf and skate art and inspirations. Openings and exhibitions are on the regular, with favoritism to local up-and-comers. But that’s not say that heavy hitters aren’t part of the mix. Recent showings have included Andy Howell and Shepard Fairey.