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Meet Your Maker: Katin See How Katin's Custom Surf Styles are Made - From The Sketchbook To SWELL


Ask any surfer what the name ‘Katin’ means to them and they’ll claim the K-man invented boardshorts in the 1950’s and started the renowned surf competition, the Katin Classic Pro/Am. These pioneers were born in Surfside, CA and in an era of out-sourcing, still keep their production at home in SoCal. Given their commitment to quality, American-made goods, we’re stoked to feature Katin in SWELL’s Locals Only collection.

Take a tour of the Katin USA design and production headquarters with Justin Rogina (left) and Mac Beu — 


From the sketchbooks, to the computer, Trevor Girard polishes off another Katin T-Shirt.Katin_011

Katin_023VP of sales Dale Rhodes, holds down the fort.


Katin’s signature boat float comes with every pair of boardshortsKatin_024Laying the ink on the “Suns Out” Tee. Katin_025 Katin t-shirts are hand made and printed in-house.

Katin_026 Katin_027 Katin_028The finished product, fresh out of the dryer and bound for SWELL!

Katin_030 Katin_031 Katin_035

Mac has been in screenprinting business for his whole life


Plastisol inks give that oldschool logo hits that wont fade like imported style

Katin_041Screens stacked and ready for production.

Katin_043 Katin_044 Katin_045 Katin_048 Katin_052 Katin_054Justin experiments with some pantones

Katin_058Quality Control

Katin_059 Katin_068 Katin_069 Katin_071First color of the Sunset tee gets laid down on the auto carousel

Katin_085 Katin_089The Sunset T fresh off the press!

Katin_094 Katin_098Made in America!

Katin_101 Katin_104Boat rope ties, since 1954. Katin_109 Katin_111The original Katin Surf Shop. Sunset Beach, Calif. Katin_121

Many great accolades line the walls of the shop like the Katin Pro/Am of 76′

Katin_127 Katin_130 Katin_138Sato Hughes gets the dimensions for her next custom boardshort that she still makes one-offs of

Katin_142Hard at work, Sato sews every pair of custom made shorts in the back of the shop. Katin_146 Katin_150 Katin_170Boardshort patterns that date back to the 60’s, hang in the shop. Katin_176 Katin_177 Jesse Watson and Sato Hughes of the Katin Surf Shop.. You can still design your own custom boardshorts that are hand made at the Katin Surf Shop.



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