Just When You Thought It Was Safe…
April 2, 2009



As if toxic waste, Great Whites and localism weren’t enough to keep you out of the water. Now we’ve got giant sea worms to worry about.

Recently discovered at an aquarium in Cornwall, England, this 4-foot long menace was destroying coral and terrorizing fish before it could be captured and moved to its own tank. Turns out the worm, better known as “Barry”, had arrived at the aquarium as a baby and had gone unnoticed. That is until large coral displays were found bitten in half. Barry was also reported to have eaten entire bait traps–hooks and all–as well as chewed through a 20-pound fish line.

Should you ever meet up with one of Barry’s cousins, resist the urge to tough him. Unless you don’t mind being stung by painful and poisonus bristles that will leave permanent numbness.sea-worm