It’s Back (Get It?)…the 2012 Miss Reef Calendar
December 9, 2011

It’s the gift you’ve been waiting for all year….the 2012 Reef Girl Calendar. And this year, it’s not just a locker lining (although we’d bet you the SWELL site that it ends up in many-a-school-locker this year). This Miss Reef, version 2.0, is bigger, better, and more suited for your coffee table. Luckily for you, it is still contraindicated for work coffee table use- depending on said work place of course. Behold: the magical gift that you can enjoy, and your mom/girlfriend can evil-eye, for (at minimum) 12 glorious months. Wow, you’re really reading this instead of replaying the video?! Kudos to you. Get yours (and plenty of extras for friends, stocking stuffers and creepy uncles): the 2012 Miss Reef Calendar