Meet Your Maker | Indah Clothing Designer Libby
September 10, 2013

Libby, the owner and head designer of Indah Clothing, grew up watching her mom sew clothing for her family, she spent years traveling around the world, and is now settled in Bali with her sweet family…it is pretty clear why she designs such amazing pieces! Inspired by her travels and family, and her beautiful home in Bali, Libby is constantly creating the most sexy and simple clothing with little hints of bohemian vibes in each piece. Enjoy this lovely conversation with the beautiful and inspiring designer and the fun snapshots of her life, designs, and the sights of Bali.
Read on for Guest Blogger Leah’s interview with Libby…

Photo: Goldfish Kiss in the Indah Laguna Bikini Top

LEAH: What first sparked your interest in design?
LIBBY: This is a tough one, it’s really difficult to know when you first felt the designer spark. I never intended to be a designer, I wanted to race cars, however I do know from a young age that I had a very clear sense of what I liked and wanted to wear. I was really fortunate that my mom sewed most all of my clothes so I would get to choose the pattern and in most cases we would combine 2 or 3 paper patterns, combining the sleeves or a bodice from one and the length or the back from another.
Then we would choose the fabric and the trims. I don’t know how my mom did it, she had so much patience. Many times she would bring all four of us kids to the sewing store and spend hours there, I literally grew up on the floor of the shop!

amy on the left (head of sales, and libby on the right
Pictured: Head of Sales, Amy (left), and Libby

Tell us about the members of the Indah family and their roles in making Indah the amazing brand that it is.
Indah is a family on both sides of the world! Here in Bali my biggest support is my husband Joe, he can literally source anything, he has this amazing ability to navigate through jungles and villages and he loves the local people and they love him! Next here is our partner Ketut, we have been together for 15 years! He is the hardest working guy I know! His family are rice farmers and that’s how we approach the factory! We dig in and get it done! Then there is Yani, she is the glue, she is also the hawk, she is the heart and my dear friend!! I could go on and on, we are blessed with Ibu Sari too, she is our production coordinator and she rocks!! She is true grace under pressure. I also have worked with a woman who is my second mom here in Batik for 14 years. She has taught me and continues to teach me the art and science of Batik. Stateside for the past 10 years we have had Amy (pictured above, right) at the helm and thank goodness! I think of her as an Angel. She is also someone that can do almost anything, she is an amazing designer, a natural salesperson, a beautiful organizer, and gorgeous gal all around! My partner in the US is a fabulous guy called Joe. He is inspiring and knows the art of business: he has taught me to slow it down and learn from each day.


Pictured: Indah Romper / Indah Crochet Dress / Indah Mini Dress

Give us a few words that perfectly describe your designs…
I would describe my designs as beautiful and elegant. I like clean, sexy, and simple lines.

How do you set the mood for designing?

I set the mood for designing with music, it is huge for me. I love to sing and it frees up my mind to let the music just wash over the process. Sometimes when you are thinking too much you have to let go and listen to something else.

bikini street Bali
Where do you find your inspiration for all of your designs?

I find inspiration everywhere I look, I may not know it at the time, but things seep in and then pop up when they have a place.

Tell us about the collection you are currently designing…
The next collection is all about softness and light, I’m super excited for the new prints.. they are gorgeous, gypsy, and super soft!

What travels, beaches, or places have inspired you as a designer and the pieces you create?
Travel is huge for me, I have always traveled long before I got into design. My husband and I are trying to take our kids to as many places as we can, we want them to know that there are so many ways to live your life and to love it! We fell in love with Morocco and we are heading back there soon. I think it’s mama Africa calling, we are planning to spend a lot of time there over the next few years! I also love Thailand, I feel completely at home there and we spend as much time as we can there. Last year I was very fortunate to spend a month in the Himalaya’s. It was incredible, I cannot imagine my life now without that experience, I come back to it all the time and it brings me so much peace. I am looking forward to the time I can take my kids up to those mountains. They are God at his finest!!

What are some of your go-to items in your wardrobe?
Ah…my personal style is pretty thrown together, but always sexy and simple. I am a creature of comfort so I like things that are soft and easy to wear. I love white and black and good basics, I also tend to incorporate knits and crochets into my daily wear, I like how they fall and find your body.

bali monkey
Living in Bali is such a dream, with so much to enjoy around you I’m sure it can be hard to work. How do you get in the “design zone” and get things done?

It is a dream to be here.. I love Bali. It has given me and my family a beautiful home for many years. I actually love to work and love my job. I get to do so many different things and work with such amazing, fun people; we laugh and just get on with it!!

Favorite destination? – somewhere other than Bali!!

Favorite destination….Zanzibar!!!

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