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Malibu Surf & Style A Local, a Lensmen and Living Legends AlI Weigh In On Iconic Malibu Culture


To fully understand the magic of Malibu we tracked down 3 perspectives of the pointbreaks; A local artist, a lensmen, and legends. Discover the key to this coastal classic through their eyes.

Shooting the Pier- with Shawn Parkin

SWELL photographer narrates the gnarParkin_Taylor_Jensen-6544

2-Time World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen slows it down with style at the ‘Bu.


After suffering a life changing spinal cord injury, Jesse Billauer has become a role model and a great inspiration to others, by living life to the fullest despite major physical limitations.  He is is continually doing amazing things through his Life Rolls On foundation, helping to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries, and showing others how to overcome adversity and live life again.  On any given south swell, there’s a good chance you will see Jesse picking off some of the best rides of the day.


An uncrowded afternoon score for this shortboarder. On bigger days sets connect for a shot through the pier

Trae Candy working the last bit of energy out of the inside section of 1st point, toward the pier.



Arriving in the dark is your best chance at getting a front row parking spot.  Looks like these folks are posted up for the day, while a few hundred of their friends scramble to get in position for a set wave.



Co-founder Pascal Stansfield clues us in to the style inspo and local knowledge behind the ‘Bu


How would you describe street style in the Malibu scene, and has it influenced the Freedom Artists designs?
The Malibu street scene is more beach scene than anything, there is a very laid back vibe to the town but at the same time there are so many different characters that come through Malibu each with their own flare and style, you see hippies, hipsters, greasers and surf bums everyday, its a great place for inspiration because you get to see it all in one spot. With LA being so close you really get to see everything thats happening fashion and scene wise.

Something most people don’t know about Malibu.
Malibu is deeply rooted in Native American Chumash history and is a really spiritual place. The Chumash name for Malibu was Humaliwo which means “the surf sounds loudly” (the Hu is silent). Malibu is also the home and birth place of the icon RUNMAN films that inspired a generation of Surfers, Skaters and Artists to get out there and Do It Yourself.

On a typical day with some swell in the water, what’s the vibe like in the parking lot?
The Malibu parking lot is a melting pot for Los Angeles surfers blending cultures, race, skill and class levels, when there is swell you see all types of people, from todays surfers like Kelly Slater and Jimmy Gamboa to the old school with Steve Olsen and Allen Sarlo.

The lot is like a time machine transporting you back to the 60′ and what it was like to have surfed back then, the iconic wall is still there and every so often someone will spray paint “Dora Lives lives” to really get your imagination going. But the one constant is the wave, no matter who comes and goes the wave remains the same.

Favorite local artists:
Russell Crotty, Sage Vaughn, Keegan Gibbs, Risk, Matt Wessen, Travis Walker

Best place to grab a bite after dawn patrol:
Best place to grab an apres surf meal has got to be Lily’s cafe in Malibu, best breakfast burrito’s in town!

Celebrity local who surfs surprisingly good:
They’re have been an increasing number of celebrity surfers to take up the sport as of late but the first celeb/surfer that comes to mind is Brandon Boyd of Incubus, they guy flat out rips! We grew up surfing third point Malibu with him and he can really surf, he has solid fundamentals and every now and then he throws down air reverses, its really cool to see a guy of that stature be so dedicated to keeping his chops up in the water.

Anthony Keidis (another friend of FA) has been putting some time in the water and has been improving everyday, he’s a die hard surfer for sure. Robert Trujillo (Metallica bass player) and John Theodore (Queens of Stoneage drummer) are constantly surfing Zuma beach together and always put in a call to us when they come through the Malibu area. Its an amazing sight to see your heros sharing the same stoke as you in the water. Surfing crosses all boundaries and thats why we love it.

What advice would you give someone trying to scrape their way up the pecking order?

Be respectful in the line up and you will get your waves.

Whats next for Freedom Artists:
Making projects that support our team and artists, we really want to get their stories out to the public to give a better understanding of these individuals and ultimately the brand, we work with very creative people that inspire us on a daily basis and give us the life blood that we need to bring timeless, authentic pieces to our supporters. We are an independently run business that prints its own shirts and takes great pride in the art and process of screen printing.



Alex, Ford, Tanner and Friends






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