How To: 6 Ways To Tie a Bikini Top
May 10, 2013


If you’re among the many of us who bring two bikini tops to the beach (one to surf/run/frolic in the waves in, and one to bronze in, naturally), then you’ll love this visual guide to transforming your halter bikini (very surfable) into a flirty bandeau bikini (not-so-surfable). Your standard halter top has just Houdini’d itself into a 6-in-1 bikini top. And because this L*Space bikini reverses to solid lime green, there are really 12 ways to wear it. Oh, happy (beach) day.

How To (from left to right)
Top Row:
* Standard Halter Bikini Top
* Cinch Top: Flip it. Neck ties will tie around your back, and back ties will tie around your neck.
* Criss Cross Top: See note above, then cross the straps before you tie them around your neck.
* Bandeau Top: Tie the thick neck straps around your back, then tie the back straps together at the front to form a keyhole.
* Bandeau with Straps: See note above. After tying the strings at the front, tie the ends around your neck
* Wrap Top: Flip the top upside down. spread the cups towards the ends of the back string, and loop around your neck (note: it will not tie behind the neck). Tie the ends of the skinny string behind your back. Then criss cross the halter ties across the front of your body, and tie together at the back.

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