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7 SWELL Halloween Costume Ideas Employee Picks for Rad Costumes That You Can Repurpose for Everyday Style

Customer Service Dave Pick: Magnum P.I.


Essential Dress: Hula Shirt, “flatteringly” fit denim, Quik Trucker Hat… mustache INCLUDED!

Don’t forget: to lean up against things and say things like “I’m not buying it Higgins” 

Collage Ambassador Caroline Pick: Little Mermaid


Essential Dress: Purple Bandeau Bikini Top, Green SWELL Skirt, Beachy Sandals.

Don’t forget: to dye your hair red and break into song regularly

Copywriter Kristin Pick: Marty McFly


Essential Dress: Puff jacket or vest, denim, flannel, sector 9 skateboard, nixon watch.

Don’t forget: nervously check the time, and blast “the power of love” by Huey Lewis and the News

Marketing Nicki Pick: Dolly Parton


Essential Dress: Embroidered Angie Shirt, Boots, Gold Wallet, Jewlery

Don’t forget: to stuff your Bra, cake on the Make-up

Intern Ashley’s Pick: Garth


 Essential Dress: Band Tee by Laundry RoomBillabong Flannel, Ripped DenimSunglasses

Don’t forget: Ask poeple “asphinctersayswhat?”

Customer-Care Ralph Pick: Mr. Clean


Essential Dress: White Tee, White Pants, White Shoes

Don’t forget: Bic your head, paint eyebrows white

Dave in Marketing Pick: Duck Dynasty


Essential Dress: Mallard Boxers by Toddland, Garage Collection Flannel, Burton Beeracuda, Anything Camo

Dont forget: A ZZ-Top Style Beard, and mumble  a lot.

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